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OK so my daughter is almost 3 months old. She spits up all day long. I have tried so many formulas and she is on zantac. Receently she started having random crying fits every day and she never finishes her bottles. She used to drink 6 ounces every feeding, now i am lucky if she will eat 4! She screams like she is in pain every single day and doctors seem to think nothing is wrong! At first i thought maybe she is a colicy baby, but it really seems like she is pain. She cries and wimpers until she is to tired and falls asleep. I feel so useless like i cant help her. Any ideas? PLEASE!
by on Jan. 28, 2008 at 8:25 PM
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by on Jan. 29, 2008 at 2:52 PM

Can she be lactose intolerant? Is her poop hard or soft? Is her spit up slimmy? These are signs of lactose intolerance. My son spit up a lot and also screamed out in pain all the time. I put him on Similac Isomil (lactose free) and within two days he was so much better! Also try Mylocon drops for gas or you can try adding cereal to her bottle (doctors say not do this but just make you watch her when she has the bottle so she doesn't choke) my cousin's son had acid reflux and the cereal helped settle his tummy.

Hope the little one feels better!

by on Jan. 29, 2008 at 2:55 PM
My son would spit up really bad during and after his feedings.  It took me literally cussing out my Dr.s  for them to figure out what was wrong and it turned out that he had something where his airway wouldnt close before he swallowed his formula, he was also suspected of having pyloric stenosis where the muscle leaving his stomach wasnt working right and he wasnt able to digest his food.  Just a couple of suggestions you could ask the Dr if your sons symptoms fit those things.
by on Jan. 29, 2008 at 2:59 PM
We had issues with both my youngest and g-daughter and found out they were lactos intolerant. We switched to Similac Sensitive (lactose free) and they are new babies!

...My oldest is a Soldier serving in Iraq

by on Jan. 29, 2008 at 3:03 PM

Quoting mommamolly194:

 My nephew was diagnosed with acid reflux and was put on several medicines before he was diagnosed with Pyloric stonosis (sp?) it is more common in infants than you might think.  It has the same symptoms as acid reflux, but it is an obstruction in the stomach that doesn't allow the food to pass to the intestines.  Babies scream in pain and have extreme projectile vomiting.  It is fixed with a short surgery.  Check the inernet for other symptoms.  But it took my niece several doctors and visits to get the correct diagnosis.  He never could eat very much because his stomach was full. His best feeding was in the morning.  You probably just have a fussy baby, but it good to cover all bases.  good luck!
this also happened to my little girl. finally had surgery and was ok. the most important thing is LISTEN TO THE MOMMY YOU KNOW YOU ARE!! YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEART AND GUTT WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG. YOU KNOW YOUR BABY IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR DOCTOR, GET A NEW ONE!!
by on Jan. 29, 2008 at 3:14 PM
Well I have 5 children and 3 of them have had the same problem...we used to hold them up right where they didnt get any air used the bent bottles and a soy formula...this is usually caused by a flap at the end of thier esophogus that is stuck open.  they will out grow this but a gastorintestenial dr  (peds) is probably good to check with...and try a stool softener also.
by on Jan. 30, 2008 at 7:16 AM
Could she be lactose intollerance? where she cant have dairy products?
by on Jan. 30, 2008 at 10:11 AM
Here is a feild i'm pretty good in. I have a baby who is on Zantacs and my two year old was for over a year. What type of formula is she on now? Have you tried nutramagin and do you put cereal in her bottles and hold her strait up for 20 min when shes done. And how does she sleep?My doctor has a baby with REG and so I know she knows how it is and she told me to add a Teaspoon of rice cereal for every ounce of formula (this makes it so shes not spitting it up so much) and if you need to add a little more than a teaspoon thats okay.

If you have tried all this then I would recommend really voicing your concern at the doctors sometimes they hear you but not really.
by on Jan. 30, 2008 at 11:09 AM
My guess is that the constant throwing up is causing a burning sensation in the esophagus.  In this situation, it hurts to swallow anything.  A baby can also become conditioned to the notion that eating hurts and will avoid the source of pain.

At the least, I'd suggest talking with your doc about an acid neutralizer so when your baby spits up, the stomach content doesn't burn the esophagus.  There is no stomach lining in the esophagus.  That is why the gut can take the acid, but the esophagus cannot.

The next step is to find out why your little one is spitting up.  Is it mechanical?  As in, is the pyloris not opening properly?  Is it reflux?  Also a muscle opening/closing issue, but different than pyloric stenosis.  Is it a formula issue? 

My suggestion is to be a little more proactive with the doctor.   Start keeping track of how many ounces your child takes in each day.  Note how many wet diapers and stool diapers.  Note how often your baby spits up and how long it was after the last feed.  By taking a 'journal' with you, you can show your doctor you are serious about this.  He will more likely take you seriously because you'll have things in writing, not just talking 'in general'. 

Good luck.
by on Jan. 30, 2008 at 3:05 PM
When my little one was born she had acid reflux and was put on soy formula.  Well she was still spitting up a lot so the doctor told me to put a a small amount of cereal in her bottles.  When I did that it helped with her spitting up.  Her throat could be raw from spitting up so much.  Good luck with it. 
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