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teacher thinks i am in denial

Posted by on Feb. 27, 2008 at 6:59 AM
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these words....

" we think your son has autism"

this is what i heard about my second son lynden right before christmas.

i sat there... kind of blank and said " o.k. well i will get the ball rolling for evaluations and we will see what therapy he needs....get him into that"

they sat there... almost disappointed. they went on to say that they were confident that i could handle it , that he is a sweet kid. all the normal stuff they say to you after they tell you such news.

i am use to this talk. i have had it before with my oldest son who is 11 and has asperger's. i have had the school come in.... with that look on their faces and tell me that they thought my child was autistic. those are hard meetings for all involved. unless you already have a child with a.s.d. then it isn't so scary.

a few weeks pass and as i promised.... child outreach went to the school and further evaluated lynden. i go in to get lynden and the teacher tells me i need to go to talk with child outreach. now in my paper work that i filled out for c.o. i clearly state that i think lynden has autism. so they test him... i go in and sure enough, they say asperger's.

o.k. no big deal. get him the therapy that he needs... help him bridge his gaps and provide tools for success. this is the story of my life anyway because of my oldest. why would it bother me to have my 4 yr old need the same things? if anything lynden is highfunctioning and requires less than his older brother. why would i be fearful when i am not fearful for his older brother?

so yesterday i go to drop off lynden. devin is walking perimeters around the alphabet rug { something he does every time he is in there}

so i am trying to get lynden settled. he is putting his things away as i am trying to watch dev. dev is looking at the floor and may bump into someone. so i am trying to allow him to circle the rug while i supervise.

the teacher comes right up behind me { i don't like people to stand to close to me... it makes me uncomfortable}

so i turn around and she starts telling me how she has this book about autism i should read and how it helped her understand better. then she says....

"autism is nothing to be afraid of"

uuuuuuummmmmmmmm..... who is afraid? me? lol... no i am not afraid. afraid of what? will he sporadically sprout horns and wings and take over the world? no he won't. infact once he gets some speech therapy and occupational therapy... he will be just fine. he isn't impulsive. he is a critical thinker. i have nothing to worry about with lynden. he will be fine.

does she think i am in denial?  yeah.... who the hell could be in denial when they all spin and hum and tip toe? they all had speech delays... some worse than others. they all are autistic and you know what? it is normal.

to me it is normal to have children who are autistic. my mother has asperger's. my brother has a.s.d.

i have spent an entire life time around people who have a.s.d. anything other than that is not normal to me. my children are autistic. i know this and you know what? it is o.k.

i think she is waiting for me to freak out.  i humored her and told her i would read the book. i think it is an " acceptance" book. lol

michel'e   owner of 30 and beyond  http://www.cafemom.com/group/30264 

 co-admin of autism,/asperger's/pdd awareness  and autism & special needs adoption



by on Feb. 27, 2008 at 6:59 AM
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by on Feb. 27, 2008 at 7:05 AM
you sound great.  i applaud you for your self control.  you have it all together stick to your guns and bless you my dear  best wishes with your wonderful children     you rock as a mom
the real me  only the wicked witch sometimes
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