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Posted by on Feb. 29, 2008 at 12:43 PM
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by on Feb. 29, 2008 at 12:43 PM
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by on Feb. 29, 2008 at 12:47 PM
u just read post and delete ones that are against rules and things like that, u keep an eye out for things to get out of control, ur kind of like the mommy of cafemom.

My daughter has autism but she can laugh, cry, and love just like yours. she may never dress herself but she can go to college and become a dr.  she may never make friends her own age but shes my friend for life. and please if u ever get the chance to meet my daughter, stop looking at her like shes a brat, she cant help her stairs or attitudes u can help urs. get to close u might get bit but it wont give u autism. do yourself a favor look it up.  

CafeMom Admin
by Gold Member on Feb. 29, 2008 at 12:48 PM

Congratulations on creating your group!
It's certainly exciting to have your own group, and we're sure you'll want it to be successful. Some of the first things you might want to do are:

  1. Make sure all of your settings are correct: Go to the "Group Settings" and "Group Privacy" pages that are in the red "Admin Tools" menu at the left side of your group's homepage. You can review your settings there and make sure everything is correct. You can change your group name, picture, or almost anything else from these pages.
  2. Make an initial post to your forum welcoming new members. Just click the "Add a Post" button in the Quick Links menu, or you can add an Announcement, which will always show up at the top of your group's forum until you expire it.
  3. Set up your guidelines. Every group can have its own guidelines, you set the rules for your group! All groups must adhere to the CafeMom Terms of Service, but aside from that, you can be as strict or as lenient, as you like. You'll find a link to setup your guidelines in the Admin Tools menu.
  4. Invite other moms. You'll probably want lots of moms to join your group, so spread the word!
    • You can send messages to other moms on CafeMom! (but don't spam people)
    • There's a special group called "Groups Seeking Members." To post to that group, click the "Promote Your Group" link in the Admin Tools menu and write up a post to get other moms to join your group.
    • Please don't post more than once in the Journal Posts area of CafeMom to promote your group. You can also use the "Groups Seeking Members" board. CafeMom Team will remove any posts that aren't in the right place.
    • Share your group! Go to the Share CafeMom area of the site (you can get there by clicking the green button at the top right of the page), and you can create banners to share with moms on your blog, MySpace page, or other sites. You can also send emails to moms who aren't already CafeMom members. The best way to grow your group quickly is to get your friends to join, whether they're on CafeMom or not.

A few notes about being an administrator:

  1. Red buttons and menus are administrator only, so if you see them, that's because you're the administrator. Other members can't see those buttons or menus.
  2. There is only one Group Owner (although you can transfer ownership of a group on the Member List page), but if you have a big group, you can assign multiple Group Administrators, who can help run a group. You can promote new group administrators from the Member List page.

There's some lingo to know about a group, here's a quick glossary:

  • Locked Posts: Locked posts are posts that can not be replied to anymore. You can add a post that is locked from the beginning, or lock a post after it already has replies. Only administrators can do this.
  • Announcements: Announcements are special posts that show up at the top of your forum, and also have their own special page for group members to view. You should use announcements to post about a big thing you want your group to know about. Use them sparingly so you don't clutter up your forum!
  • Expiring Announcements: If your announcement isn't important anymore, you can "Expire" it from the announcements page, which will remove it from the Announcements page, and also remove it from the top of the forum.
  • Sticky Posts: Stickies are like announcements: they do appear at the top of your forum, but they don't have a special page dedicated for them. Stickies are if you have a particular post that you want a lot of other group members to see and discuss. You can sticky or unsticky posts whenever you want.

Two other options in your Admin Tools menu are "Abuse Reports" and "Applications."

  • Abuse Reports: If any group members find anything in the group that they think doesn't belong, they can report that post or photo. On the Abuse Reports page, you can see what other moms have reported and click through to them to review them yourself. If you think it is inappropriate for your group, delete it. If it's fine, you can disregard the report. Then come back to the Abuse Reports page and click the "Ignore" or "Resolved" button, depending on what you did.
  • Applications: If you are running a group that requires members to apply, you'll need to review those applications! This page allows you to see all of the moms who are applying to your group. You can accept or reject from here. Either way, a private message will be sent to the applicant - you can add your own message if you like.

Some group owners want to communicate with the members in their group. The best way to do this is by posting an announcement (described above). Moms who join your group are given the option to receive a digest email that goes over all new information in the group. If you post an announcement, that will be highlighted in their digest. There is no other way to communicate directly with group members.

If your group isn't working, don't be upset! See if there are other groups that have started about the same topic, and talk to the owners of the other groups to see if you can move your members to their group and create one larger group for everyone to talk in. Also, there might not be enough moms on CafeMom yet who are interested in talking about your topic, so as CafeMom continues to grow, your group will gain more members.

If you decide that you no longer want to run your group, you can transfer ownership to another member (described above), or if you just want to close your group down, click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page to send the CafeMom Team a message. We will close your group for you, please make sure to provide us with the name and/or URL of the group you want closed.

We've created a special group called the CafeMom Groups Discussion Group. You can go here to talk to the CafeMom Team about the best ways to run a group, and also to lots of other group owners and administrators to share ideas and help each other.

The CafeMom Team is always here to help you if you have an issue. If there's something that you can't do, or need help with, just click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of any page and send us a message.

<<The CafeMom Admin Team

by on Feb. 29, 2008 at 5:38 PM

Enforce the rules if they're are any there is a group administrator guide if you are administrator and it will tell you what to do

group owner babies before marriage check it out!

by on Feb. 29, 2008 at 5:45 PM
enforce the rules of the group.
delete any post that goes against group rules.
delete people who habitually break group rules.
accept applicaions if the group requires people to fill one out to join.
you can sticky posts and create announcements.
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