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Help w/ sick baby - not sure what to do?!

Posted by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 5:21 AM
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 My daughter is 13 mos. old. Last Thursday she spiked a temp, so I took her to the ER, they said she had an ear infection and bronchitis. So they gave me an antibiotic for her and we went home, started the antibiotic on Friday, she was feeling a little better by Sat. morning, and Friday night is when I got sick, felt like a mack truck ran me over or something... and started with the vomitting @ 3am sat morning... so I called my dr, and told them the symptoms and he thought it was a kidney infection brought me into L&D (I'm 34+ weeks pregnant) so my daughter had to go stay with her grandma while I was admitted for 2 days! They bring her back monday - it was one of my exes sisters, and she just mentions in passing that my daughter wasnt eating or drinking... so I of course need to know more (I called to check up on her while I was in the hospital and they never mentioned this) SHE HASNT KEPT ANYTHING DOWN NOT EVEN WATER SINCE SATURDAY... THIS IS MONDAY. wtf are these people thinking?! She needs to be on an iv if she cant keep water down. So I call her dr and let them know whats going on, they said since I just got her back try giving her some water, pedialyte, gatorade whatever I had that I could try, and see what happens, if she does fine, try with some toast or crackers or something.

So thats what I did, she had gatorade, kept that down acted really hungry so I gave her some crackers and shortly after she fell asleep, this is monday... so 3-4 am she wakes up CHOKING ON HER VOMIT, it was so dry she was choking on it, there was like no liquid in it or antyhing, so im freaking out - no wet diaper, no saliva, no tears, so I pack up some water and stuff, and head off to the er with her again - slight fever when she got there, and she's basically lethargic - couldnt even get her to stand on the scale! so we had to weigh her the other way - and since Thursday when she was last there - this is Tues realy early am -- she lost over 1 lb!!!

They take her back and are watching her for a while, the dr seems to think shes fine, gave her a bottle of pedialyte, she threw that up all over, changed her, changed the bed sheets and got her a new blanket and she falls asleep, wake her up to give her more, she threw it up again - hours later we get her to keep down some pedialyte (about 1 oz) and they send us home saying its just a bug, it'll pass. So Tuesday all day just gave her pedialyte, then Wed. morning she seems to be feeling better, shes begging for food while I'm eating so I got her some cheerios and a little bit of a banana. She did fine all day Wednesday, only gave her bland stuff, and also started her back on milk (dr had said no milk) fast forward to this morning, 2 1/2 hours ago - again around 3 am... choking on her own vomit, really runny diarrhea, brought her downstairs got her cleaned up, she's laying on the couch, so i gave her a little water, vomits all over again, projectile vomitting!! She only had maybe an ounce, and she threw that all up and more, starting to se bile in her vomit! She finally just fell back asleep but idk what to do, I'm so worried!!! Shes not showing any signs of dehydration this morning, at least not yet, we've been in the hospital everyday for a week except yesterday! I'm sick of that place, and they dont seem to do much for us anyway! Someone help!!! :(

I'm a 24 year old, *single* mom, to a 13 month old princess, and a prince on the way. I'm 34 or 37 weeks pregnant, I've had previa, abruption, gall bladder surgery, kidney stones, preterm labor and have been passing out, but this little boy is worth it all. I've been through postpartum depression, domestic violence, my parents divorce, losing my job & becoming poor, losing my car, and my license, and becoming a single mom... all in the last year and I'm still glad to be here!!

I *LOVE* my kids more than anything else on this planet!

by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 5:21 AM
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by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 5:57 AM

I would take her to nother hospital and maybe overplay the symptoms a little to get them to admit her until she is able to hold down something. I hope she feels better!!!

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by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 6:05 AM

It sounds like she has a bad virus.  Children dehydrate so quickly.  They need to keep her & put her on an IV.  I hope you gave your in-laws hell. GL

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by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 6:49 AM

take her to another hospital immediately.

by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 7:50 AM

I know for me, when I am sick, when I get to that point where i puke up the bile, then that is where i start to feel better, I think that means all of the virus is out now, not sure on that, so don't hold me to it, lol

But when I puke that up, I can then start to eat and drink and keep it down, so see if that happens for her, if she can keep it down then she is getting better, but if she is still puking, then take her back to the doctor.

Oh and are you giving her motrin? because motrin on a empty belly will make you puke.

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