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potty training **update thru day more updates after this!!**

Posted by on Feb. 13, 2009 at 4:58 PM
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well we are about halfway through day far we've had more accidents than successes..but she LOVES the praise (and im sure the M&M's)from the successes...the last 2 accidents were kind of wierd, lol i didnt get to her in time, and she pee'd then she walked over to the potty chair and sat down on it. so she KNOWS where she is supposed to go...its just a matter of getting her there in time.

at first i was setting a timer for every 15 minutes, but she starting to resist doing it that often, and i discovered that if she hasnt had much to eat or drink then its more like 30 min to an im setting it for about 20 minutes now.

she is also not wanting to keep the undies on...she will pull them off when sitting on the chair, and then pop up and run away from me

we got some pull-up to use at naps and bedtime...and i didnt let her see them in the packagina(too similar to diapers) i called them her 'special night-night undies' and i just pulled htem OVER her underwear

all in all, she has gone about 4 or 5 times on the potty chair and...6 or 7 times on the floor..some of the time she went half on the floor and i was able to get her to the chair to finish

MAN this is hard!! lol

day 2: was a BIG improvement!!! i cant believe its only ben a few hours since the disaster from yesterday!! lol she had TEN(10) successes and only TWO(2) accidents...and the first one, she managed to get to her potty(by herself) about half way through!the second was was my fault...she was in her 'night night' underwear(pullups) and i was putting her down for a nap...wel i kind fell asleep (light, so i knew what was going on)and she got up to play in the room...she got quiet so i jumped up and she had JUST peed and pooped in the pullup...she did that yesterday as now i know that nap time is her perferrred pooping

she kept kept her undies on for the most part(had a few nakie times...but thats my fault from when she was in diapers) she went TWICE on the 'big' potty and the rest on her chair..AND(most important) she goes WITHOUT me telling her too!! several times today she let me know or just sat on her potty(yes, with underwear ON..still working on that issue, lol) and there was about 30 seconds left on the timer..

i am SO excited!! today was MUCH easier...i also didnt give quite as much to drink today! lol.

hopefully tomorrow will go just as well as today!! i AM so looking forward to only ONE kid in diapers!

day 3

she stayed dry through the night, and i took her to the bathroom when she woke up...i stopped timing every 20 minutes and just reminded her every once in awhile. my aunt and uncle came over from 10 am to like 6 or 7 pm...NO ACCIDENTS! and several times she went into the bathroom by herself..but i still followed her to make sure.

oh, i lied..she had ONE accident. we were getting ready to go out to dinner, and i got her dressed(had been doing this with just a shirt and undies) and to the bathroom..people took FOREVER so my little brother took her outside..well it had been about 15 minutes and there was no potty out she kind of spread her legs, squatted a little bit and there she went! lol

in the end, we didnt go out to eat cause she hadnt had a nap, and i knew she would be a total

day 4

my mom and i had some errands to run..i was nervous, as this would be the first time going out and about during the potty training phase..i took like 4 or 5 changes of clothes..i didnt know what to expect. she went to the bathroom before we left..great!! she didnt really have anything to drink or eat(we came home for lunch) we were out about 3 hours or so..i took her to the bathroom about 3 or 4 times...nothing each time..and NO ACCIDENTS!

when we were home i was busy with DD#2 and i saw katy walk back to the hall(bathroom in the hall) i didnt think anything of it, she has toys in a room down dad walked by and she was sitting on her little potty with her undies down...I AM SO PROUD OF HER no one told her to go, no one helped her!! she did this 2 more times tonight!!

she did have one 'accident' today at home...i knew she had to poop, she hadnt done that so far in the potty, in the 'night-night undies' twice, but  not a potty yet...well she wouldnt soon as we came back, she went behind the high chair and my mom told me to grab i rushed her to the bathroom, but she had already i pulled her undies down, i kind of put the poop into the potty, and sat her down(she didnt see me do this) she sat for a little while, then got up..i said 'look...poop goes in the potty...if you have to 'shooey' you can do it in the potty' im hoping that will help her to go #2 there and not her undies..but honestly, cleaning up poopy undies is better than peepee ones..cause i can still use her pants if she jsut poops(depending on the kind of

I cant believe my little girl is potty trained!! and i cant believe how relatively easy it was! i am ecstatic and sad at the same glad i dont have double diaper duty..but im sad cause she just grew up some more...

by on Feb. 13, 2009 at 4:58 PM
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by Gold Member on Feb. 13, 2009 at 6:05 PM

how are you

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