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A Couple Of Questions...Preparing for First Baby.

Posted by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 1:34 AM
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Hey there! My husband and I are due July 4th for a little boy and this is my first pregnancy. I am just seeking some guidance from everything to what to take to the hospital when i go into labor, brining baby home, and all the necesities<---- (sorry for spelling) to start off on the right foot. Any advice would be great. My mother and I dont talk anymore so I really dont have a mother figure to turn to about this. Although I do have family to talk to and ask questions, they are often busy. Thanks in advance for helpful hints and advice. I've been thinking of this alot and it has been weighing heavily on my mind...

Things I have been thinking about alot:

*Top Must Haves

*What to be Prepared for (other than lack of sleep of course lol)

*What to Expect at the Hospital After Delivery

*Carseat Suggestions and Helpful Tips For Installing It Correctly

If you can think of anymore useful tips please feel free to let me know!

Thanks Very Much!!!

thank you


by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 1:34 AM
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Replies (1-10):
by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 3:11 AM

 how exciting. 2 of my kids are early july babies. thank god you dont have to go the entire summer pregnant!

dont take much tot he hospital. you wont be thier very long. wear the hospital gowns while youa re there. you are going to get them mesy, better the gowns then your own clothes.

the fire dept will be more then happy to help you install your car seat correctly. call them ahead of time to find out the best time to see them. DO IT NOW. cause you will put it off and then be fumbling with it a tthe hospital.

if anyone offers help...take it. cleaning cooking babysitting. take it.

with ethan i spent 2 weeks living in bed. i had a mini fridge next tot he bed and a TV. i got out jsut to bathe and potty. slept when he slept and nursed him. it was fantastic. didnt get that luxury with the next one. if you have the option. do it.


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by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 4:52 AM

Hello! I am also due with a baby on July 4th!

This will be my second.

I was told to pack everything I needed early.. I didn't. None of my clothes fit me anyways. I had my husband get me some clothes and some for the baby while we were in the hospital. Just relax. Enjoy your time there. Accept any help you can.

While you are in the hospital ask for anything you need/want! They forgot one of my meals and I was starving! lol Make sure your wishes are known. I had good nurses that kept the strange in-laws from coming in during the birth.

Get information on breastfeeding ahead of time if you are going to do so. I didn't and was confused. And I sure got pissed off when strange women kept coming in and grabbing my breasts! But, I got it figured out eventually.

Also, you can contact your hospital and get a tour. It could help you know what to expect while you are there. Every hospital is different.

About the carseat - I think the hospitals required you to install in correctly before allowing you to leave, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 5:55 AM

Well I'll tell you some stuff no one told me and things I learned being a first time mom....My DD is 11 months old...Well to start...things you need are a bouncer for when you bring home the baby...its great for burping and to get things done around the house....bring your own pilliow to the hospital..I did..so glad I did.. I brought my laptop and movies..I watched JUNO LOL....I only was in labor for 4 hrs so nice but most first time moms are longer...so it gets boring after awhile...umm I was too excited to sleep..I actually didn't sleep till I got home two days later just because I was too excited...and I couldn't stop staring at my DD...I had my mom stay with me for one week and that was sooo awesome...it let me sleep. I don't know if your breastfeeding but I am..and a nursing bra is so nice to have..I didn't bring one to the hospital...bad idea. I co-sleep with my DD and no one told me about that and it let me sleep!!! I just layed her in bobby pillow and then when she got bigger I put pillows around her.  I hated the Dr. Brown bottles and loved the playtex nurser ones they empty like the breast. Tons of onesies...and since it will be warm when you have him you probably don't need tons of blankets...Dual stroller and careseat so nice to have...travel changing pad...play yard. bobby. ummm blankets for swaddling...pamper newborn diapers are awesome..umm binkies and thats all I can think of

by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 7:30 AM

Don't take a ton of stuff to the hospital.  The rooms are a lot smaller than you think, and by the time you have a ton of visitors and the bassinette in there, it fills up quick.  For the baby, the only thing I would take to the hospital is: two outfits to come home in (god forbid he spit up on the first one, lol), quite a few pair of socks, a receiving blanket (just one should be enough since he's a summer baby), the car seat, and a breast pump if you plan to use it.  Everything else should be provided-- formula in ready to feed bottles, nipples, diapers, clothing for him to wear while at the hospital.  Some mom's change their baby into their own clothes while in the hospital.  I do not suggest this!  There's no sense in taking an entire load of dirty clothes home.  Newborns spit up, poop, pee, etc all over their clothes.  Just let the hospital worry about all the dirties.

As for you-- decide now if you want to wear the hospital gowns or your own pjs after delivery.  I chose to wear my own pjs.  I just can't stand hospital gowns.  I have to deal with them all the time anyway.  If you're going to wear you own clothes, bring at least 4 pair of pjs or night gowns.  I would suggest at least 6 pair of underwear, a tight fitting bra if you aren't going to breast feed, or a nursing bra if you are going to breast feed.  Don't forget your bathroom necessities-- deoderant, toothbrush with toothpaste, soap and shampoo/conditioner if you're picky (the hospital will have some if you don't care what kind it is).  If you're going to take a digital camera, go ahead and pack extra batteries now.  Make a list now of all the poeple you want called, with phone numbers, after the baby is born so no one is left out.  I would also suggest a small notepad with pen or pencil so someone can write down all of the gifts you receive and who brought them so you can write thank you notes later. 

After delivery, your baby will most likely be taken to the nursery for anywhere between 4-6 hours, so they can make sure his temp is stable, do a full assessment, give him his first bath, etc.  Use this time to rest and try to recover.  Labor and delivery takes a lot out of your body.  If you're going to breast feed, let the nurses know before you deliver, so they can relay the message to the nursery nurse.  Expect uterine cramping and a sore bottom after delivery.  Drs here always prescribe specific sprays and wipes to use on your bottom after delivery, but patients have to ASK for it or at least mention that they are uncomfortable.  You may get bad hemmroids from delivery.  Babies born vaginally are usually kept in the hospital for 24-36 hours after birth, depending on the state and hospital, so expect at least a one day stay after the baby is born.  Oh, and remember, one you're admitted to labor and delivery, you wont be able to eat or drink anything til after the baby is born, so eat and drink before you come to the hospital or stop on your way and grab something!  There's no telling how long you'lll be in labor.

Every hospital I've ever worked at has assisted new moms to the car to make sure the carseats were installed properly.  I've heard the police dept and fire dept will help you install the carseat correctly too.  Just remember, rear facing until one year old.  The back seat, in the middle, is the safest place for any child.  If you have an infant carrier with the detachable base, leave the base in the car, already strapped into place, and just bring the carrier in to the hospital.  FYI: if you have more than one car, you can buy extra bases for the carriers.

I'm a labor and delivery, nursery, nicu, and peds nurse.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 7:47 AM

Ok here goes and btw CONGRATS!

1. Top must haves...(just answered this in another post) swaddling blankets, make sure you are shown how to tightly and correctly swaddle your baby BEFORE you leave that hospital. The nurses should definately know this and you need to have it perfected before you leave . It is the best and most useful thing I have ever done to my DD when she was crying or needed to go back to sleep. Secondly a binki, haha, some babies will not take one, but most due. The binki puts my DD back to sleep and can stop the crying at any given time as long as she is not gassy, wet, or hungry. Thirdly, a bassinet, I never wanted to leave my daughters side, especially at night, always afraid of SIDS, etc. The bassinet kept her close to me and prevented me from putting her in my bed.

2. Be prepared for GAS!!! Sometimes a baby will start crying profusely not too long after you have fed them or just at any given time. Even swaddling and rocking can not stop this type of crying. My dd screamed at the top of her lungs when she was gassy and nothing consoled her until I figured out what it was. She would push her legs up in the air and her scream was so loud and like someone was beating her...Mylicon drops are the only words I have for you on that one.

3. Be prepared to sign lots of paperwork and to be thrown information from everywhere. Also, if you are not Breast feeding, be aware of the lactation consultants, some of them are downright rude! You are already hormonal and those women have a way of throwing you over the edge. NOT SAYING THEY ARE ALL LIKE THAT, but I experienced one and she was a major B*tch. Also, every few hours the nurses will be in, even at night, to check your baby and you, take your vitals, etc. If you are keeping your baby in your room and not having him/her taken to the nursery for over night stay *it is your decision* they will make you fill out a chart everytime the baby has a bowel movement or urinates. You have to say how big or how much, lol. And unless they are yours, the hospital usually doesnt let children under 10 *i think thats the number* in your room, so make sure you inform friends and family of this rule, and check with your hospital to make doubly sure of their requirements.

4. Makesure your carseat is installed 2 weeks before your due date if not sooner. Take it to and out of the car whenever you go places and come home just to make sure you know how to get it in and out. PRACTICE, because you do not want to fiddle when you are bringing the baby home. Most hospitals will check to make sure it is properly installed before you leave, you are not aloud to leave until it is and if you dont have it, you cant take the baby home. If you are still unsure take it to the local sheriffs office and they will show you how to do it correctly.


*Some more notes, Take LOTS OF PICTURES!!!! They grow too quickly and you will want to look back and remember. Fill out your baby book as the months go by, dont wait because it gets harder to remember things as you are busy with that baby 24/7. Id tell you to sleep as much as possible now, but you may want to start training yourself to get up every morning at 7, my DD doesnt sleep past that point even though she does through the night, 7am is the latest ive slept during the whole 7months. :0) Have diapers, wipes and a change of clothing for the baby next to your bed if he/she will be sleeping in the same room. Sometimes they leak, sometimes youll get a major accident on you as you are changing their diaper at all hours of the night and the last thing you want to do is go to the nursery to get all of those items :-D


by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 8:21 AM

Since your baby will be born in July, you will need more onesies then any other clothing. I had 3 born in the summer and they only wore cute onesies.  Get receiving blankets little ones and  bigger ones, baby grows very fast.

  Diapers you will only need a couple packs of newborn, the baby grows out of those pretty fast also. I usually bought 3 or 4 newborn and then they would go into size 1.

I had a swing for all my babies, but only 2 of them liked it. and those 2 wanted to be in it all the time, so a swing depends on the baby.

as for the car seat I always got the infant car seat that goes up to 20. If you are not sure how to put it in the nurses that help you out to the car do. They will check to see if it is right anyway. Well at least they did at the hospital I go too, they have to check the seat at our hospital. also I used receiving blankets rolled up to put on each side of the baby to make them feel held. because the baby seems to fuss when they get in the car for that first ride home without haveing the blankets. Sit in the back with the baby just incase he/she gets fussy.You don't have to do that all the time, just for the first ride home, because with a newborn, when you hear that cry and you are in front, you will start to sweat really bad, LOL

The hospital will give you a pacifier, if you want one.  but for me none of my babies like the pacifier, the first night home they wanted my finger at night, LOL the pacifier seemed to gage them.

Okay for the hospital bag, I always put in: For me :My own pads, 2 or 3 pairs of underwear, socks, hair brush, tooth brush tooth paste, shampoo and condition and body wash, ( I get the samples at walmart they fit great) A extra bag that will fold up and fit in your bag, for all the stuff the hospital gives you :).  A couple snacks, you will more then likly be very hungry after the baby is born or you man will if he has been there a long time. A phone # list. with a calling card, my hospital doesn't allow cell phones. Camera, your going home outfit, which should be still maternity clothes, beleive me, you feel lighter, but still won't fit into regular clothes yet.

For baby: 3 receiving blankets, or you can take some of the hospitals :).  going home outfit. I prefer a sleeper, because most outfits don't fit, lol. and car seat. 

The hosptital will give you, what is left of the pack of diapers, pacifier if the baby is using one, some formula with a diaper bag if you use formula, or they also have a breast feeding diaper bag which still has some formula samples. Lots of coupons and samples. and sometimes, if someone has made things for baby you will get more, with one of my babies, I got a nice blanket with matching hat and sweater.

A little tip, for at the hosptal. When you get to take you shower, don't use the wash cloth, as soon as you get done showering put it between your legs, so you don't get blood running down your leg. I wish someone told me that when I had my first, because I ended up crying my eyes out, because I had blood dripping all over. the hormones are strong, LOL

I can't think of anything else.



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by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 8:25 AM

*Top Must Haves

A car seat, your id, take pj's because you can't always wear jeans right after you have a baby, slippers or house shoes, (I always take as little as possible because you leave with a whole lot more)

*What to be Prepared for (other than lack of sleep of course lol)

If you do not feel that you are ready to take care of that baby all alone then stay there for a couple of days if they will let you I did because I had another life to take care of other than mine. Ask all you can until your lips turn blue asking them.

*What to Expect at the Hospital After Delivery

That is the part that sucks because they have to check to see if you are healing right and yeah they look down there like it seems every time they come in. You might have a lot of visitors. The doctors always want you to try to breast feed because it is so healthy for the baby. I did it because it does boost their immune system.

*Car Seat Suggestions and Helpful Tips For Installing It Correctly

if you have the base to the seat then when you are strapping it in put your knee on it to push it down in the seat so it will not move at all when you strap it in.

by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 8:52 AM

when i had my daughter i asked for ice packs they are delightful if you have your baby naturaly make sure afterwards you get an ice pack for your  vagina also don't worry about bringing alot of things just some clothes for you and baby maybe 1 diaper and lotion and just remember to breath that helped me a whole lot i didn't take any meds all natural. as for the afterwards my baby slept pretty good through the day i rested plenty in the hospital when i came home was the next day  i rested for a bit while maybe slept and got up to walk around bathe wasn't that tired any way don't worry so much just relax take it 1 day at a time and oh about packing before yougo make sure you do that you don't know if your water will break first or the contractions come first evrybody is diffrent so pack your pag maybe a week or 2 before due date. if you need to chat you can send me a message any time by the way i am only 17 will be 18 in july

by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 9:05 AM

First piece of advice, read "What to Expect When You are Expecting".  It's the greatest book and helped me out tremendously.

2nd - do not run out and buy a ton of newborn sized diapers.  the hospital will provide you with some and not to mention, you don't know how big your baby will be.  my son was 9lbs 7oz and never wore the newborn size.  he was a size one from the start.  lol

3rd - packing for the hospital, pack your most comfy and softest PJ's.  you will not want anything tight to wear, so loose fitting clothing.  packing for the baby, all you need is a few(3-4) onesies, the outfit you have picked to bring him/her home in, a few receiving blankets, and your camera.  you may want to pack a few diapers, just in case. 

4th - make a decision about circumcision before you get to the hospital. 

5th - on the car seat, make sure that when it's installed, that when the baby will be in it, he/she will not be leaning to far forward.  my 1st car seat, my poor son looked so uncomfortable and his head was never laying back, he kept leaning forward.

6th - i suggest buying the mylecon(sp?) drops now, u will need them. 

7th - sleep when he sleeps, do not neglect yourself and do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it and you will need it. 

8th - treasure every moment, take lots of pics and videos, write everything down, and most of all, never doubt your maternal instincts.  ;-)


Congrats hun, you are in for the most amazing experience!!




by on Apr. 8, 2009 at 9:09 AM

At the hospital, I just brought toothbrush and paste, clothes for me to go home in (i just wore there gown while I was there) Clothes for the baby to go home in but my 1st was an August baby and it was soo hot so she just wore the shirt the hospital gives you.  Be prepared for no sleep, forgeting to eat dinner the 1st night (i believe all moms do) For the car seat you can take it to either your police station or fire station and they can show you how to have it in properly. If you get post partum depression don't be scared to talk about it, they wont take your baby away unless you are thinking of harming him or yourself. good luck!  Do you have any names picked out yet?  

Do not buy the mylcon drops I believe they are still recalled!!!!

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