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How did you get rid of the Pacifier!?!?!!

Posted by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 9:53 PM
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My son is 2 and loves his pacifier (although we only let him have it at bed time and when he is snuggled watching TV - which he does not get a lot of).  Recently, he has been crying for it more and more...  SO, how did you guys rid your kid of the paci???  We tried the "cutting" method.  We cut a slit in it and gave it to him.  He just said "thank you" and went on his way unphased. 

Any advice?!?!

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by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 9:53 PM
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by Bronze Member on Aug. 12, 2009 at 9:55 PM

My 20 month old is still attached. Seems as if everytime we're ready to take it away, we run into a lot of stressful changes(moving, etc) and I don't want to take it away in a time that he's already uncomfortable.

When you figure it out, let me know!

by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 9:56 PM

I don't have any advice but I'm hoping that someone will and I can check back because I'm gonna try to get rid of DD's before she turns 1 in Nov.

by Gold Member on Aug. 12, 2009 at 9:57 PM

We didnt. DD got rid of it herself. She stopped using one at 3m old. Wouldnt take it anymore. I would just take it away and tell him that the pacifier fairy came and took them for babies cause he is now a big boy and doesnt need it anymore.


by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 9:57 PM

Ah, the age old  We are still trying to figure this one out.  Caleb is turning two on the 17th of this month and I would love to get rid of the binkies but he just won't have it.  I've tried several times and he'll seriously cry for 2-3 hours straight.  I tried sitting him down and explaining that we need to give his binks to babies and that he is a big boy but his little lip puckered out and he got all teary eyed right before he bursted into a wailing cry.  He is VERY attached to them.  He didn't care for them until I stopped nursing.  Then they became inseperable after the bottle was taken away at 11 months old.  We do our best to limit his binks to nap/bed time and long car rides but he always seems to find one around the house.  I think he has a secret hiding spot for  My hubby and I both have bad teeth so chances are he'll have bad teeth as well so I'm not too worried about that.  Teeth can be fixed.  We are going to wait a bit longer but he'll definitely be rid of them by the time he is 3.  He's just not ready yet and I don't have the heart to take something so important away from him right now

by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 9:58 PM

I took it away "cold turkey" the day after they learned how to walk.   I just think that a child that can walk is too old to have a pacifier.  LOL!!  :)

by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 10:00 PM

I didn't have an issue with a pacifier, but water bottles. My daughter was waking up 3 times a night for me to fill her bottle. I let her have it for too long (she was close to 3 when it was taken) What I did was figured out something that she really wanted and one morning, I hid her bottles and when she asked for one, I told her that the bottle fairy came and took them. She started to cry, so I told her that the fairy told me that when she was done crying and missing her bottle, she would bring my daughter a pool. That first nap time was not much fun, but after that she was fine. I would remind her of what she was going to get and 2 days later I was going to the store to get a $9 pool. She hasn't asked for it since. If your son is old enough to understand rewards, figure out a good reward for him so it's worth it and make them disappear. When he's fussing for it, remind him of what the outcome will be. You have to stick to it, though and be adamant that he's not going to get it back.

by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 10:00 PM

Thankfully, I never had this problem. DS gave them up on his own one day when he was about 6 months old. Yay.

But I remember seeing a few times on Supernanny how she encouraged parents to get rid of binks when toddlers still had them. She had the parents tell the kids that so and so (babies somewhere else, a new baby in the family, etc) needed the binkies now so they had to be a big boy/girl and give the babies the binkies. Then gather them up together and sit them in a bag/basket or whatnot. Put them outside for the 'binky fairy' to come and take. Then later (obviously after the LO has not been around) remove the binkies and leave a big boy/girl gift for the LO.

I hope that made sense - if not, I'm sure you could find the details on her website. Or at the very least, here is a BUMP for ya! GOod luck!

by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 10:03 PM

I would recommend to keep cutting more of the nipple off.  With DS #1 we cut a bit of the nipple off every other night or so.  Then after a week, we handed it to him, he looked at it, and handed it back to us.  That was it.  I will tell you, he held on to it until the bitter end... I swear there was hardly and nipple left!

With DS#2 we tried the same technique and it didn't work.  So one day he joked about putting it in the trash, and I told him if he did it would be gone forever.  He laughed and tossed it.  I then threw a "party" with him and DS#1 and made a big deal about it being gone and how big of a boy he was.  He cried for a couple of nights, and that was it!

Good luck... it's one of the hardest things to do!

by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 10:04 PM

When my children were little we gave there pacifiers to Santa.  When we made cookies and left them out on a plate for Santa on X-mas Eve, we also left the pacifier for him.  Of course there was a lot of talk about doing this throughout the month of December, we made a big fuss over Santa takeing it in exchange he would leave their presents.  Your child may cry a little the first night or two no matter how you decide to get rid of the binky, the secret is not to give in once the crying begins.  Eventually the crying will stop and  it will all be forgotten. 

by on Aug. 12, 2009 at 10:04 PM

Only one of my three were binkie kids.

Honestly one day I just threw it away. that night was hard...the next night was a little less hard amd the third night it didn't phase him.

I don't think you will convince him to get rid of it, and weaning would be near impossible.  I think you should just throw it away.

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