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do i involve big daddy?

Posted by on Aug. 28, 2009 at 5:56 PM
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i started dating my boyfriend last christmas he was living in another state at the time an moved here to be with me. we moved in together in march everything was going alright i mean we had our arguments but nothing to crazy he would often say things to me that you just had to stop an look at him just make sure you heard it correctly i found out i was pregnant we were both excited life went on fights continued it was getting to the point where i was on my last straw i told myself after talking to him if this continues i am going to leave. one night we got into an argument over cigarettes (not mine) he didnt believe me so the fight escalated i was layin on the bed and he said some things were i was just like why dont you move back home he then put his fist to my stomach and said well if i cant have this baby then you cant he didnt follow through with anything i then slid across the bed and said im going to my parents house i will see you in the morning he would not let me leave kept me trapped in the apartment for about an hour crying apologizing carrying on finally let me go i went to the police station where they put out warrants for his arrest he went to jail for the weekend an was then placed on probation where he has to go to batters intervention classes these classes have seem to hit some points in him and open his eyes to everything he was actually doing he has become better with his anger an he knows his limits an thinks before he speaks i have obviously kept in touch with him we text eveyday pretty much all day. he always said he wanted to be at all of the doctor apts. after this i said no i think you should give it a rest for a while an go to the big ones such as the ultra sound he went to the ultra sound which he had to walk 45 miles he showed up an we found out we will be having a baby girl my issues are between him an my mother i dont kno what to do i want to protect myself an my daughter if he does not change but i dont kno what to do here is a few things

1) birthing classes- my mom does not think he should be my coach i do i cant think of any one else to be there for me cause despite this i love him and hes doing alot to try an fix it going to take a long time but small steps i guess my moms issues are that  the coach is there for you not the baby an she thinks we should not get back together im not sayin lets move back in an give it a try but eventually yes we may but who knows

2) His name on the birth cert. - I have already decided that yes his name should be on the birth cert. its his he can get it on there if he wants to mind as well let it go issues with that is can he then file for custody or what comes along with that im scared he will not like something and try an fix it legally as of right now he completely understands that i do not want him alone with her or me and her he can come to my parents house to help an visit eventually we will work our way back to what we origionally planned ( any advice or stories ) am i making the wrong decision with this one

anyone have any advice?!

by on Aug. 28, 2009 at 5:56 PM
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Cafe GroupAdmin
by Group Admin on Aug. 28, 2009 at 7:05 PM




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