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Educate yourself
Swine Flu Mass Vaccination

In the case of the 1976 swine flu
pandemic, a government-directed mass
vaccination program, several dozen
vaccine recipients died and hundreds were
injured. Those families who were able to
sue and won were awarded millions of
dollars for the injuries caused by the
untested vaccine formulations.
Three years ago legislators strategically
passed The Biodefense and Pandemic
Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2006
(also known as BioShield II). This law strips
Americans of the right to a jury trial if
harmed by an experimental drug or vaccine
during a declared pandemic. Keep in mind
there is no guaranteed compensation
program for those who may be injured or
for families whose loved ones die from
being vaccinated or treated.

Sanofi Pasteur's Fluzone® Vaccine
Package Insert

Teratogenic effects: Pregnancy Category C:
Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted
with Fluzone vaccine. It is also not known whether
Fluzone vaccine can cause fetal harm when
administered to a pregnant woman or can affect
reproduction capacity. Fluzone vaccine should be
given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.
Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of
Fertility: Fluzone vaccine has not been evaluated for
carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment
of fertility.

Under Federal Law (NVICP 1986) your
Vaccine Provider is Required to:

(1) Give you vaccine benefit and risk information prior
to vaccination.
(2) Obtain your written consent before administration.
(3) Keep a permanent record of all vaccinations given,
including the manufacturer's name and lot number.
(4) Document serious health problems, hospitalizations,
injuries and deaths that occur after vaccination in
your or your child's permanent medical record.
(5) Report serious health problems, hospitalizations,
injuries and deaths that occur after vaccination to
the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting
System (VAERS).

Public Schools as Mass
Vaccination Centers?

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is currently mobilizing
school superintendents to use public schools as mass
vaccination centers.
U.S. Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) sponsored legislation
H.R. 2596 to authorize the use of public schools to
carry out mass vaccinations.

Many Studies Show that
Vaccines are Not Effective

CHILDREN: " evidence that injecting children
6-24 months of age with a flu shot was any more
effective than placebo." Reference: "Vaccines for
preventing influenza in healthy children.", The
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2 (2008).

ASTHMA: "The inactivated flu vaccine does not
prevent influenza-related hospitalizations in children,
especially the ones with asthma... Children who get
the flu vaccine are three times more at risk for
hospitalization than children who do not get the
vaccine." Reference: The American Thoracic Society's
105th International Conference, May 15-20, 2009, San

HEALTHY ADULTS: "Vaccination of healthy adults
only reduced risk of influenza by 6%..." Reference:
Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults. The
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 1(2006).

THE ELDERLY: "Flu shots were non-significant for
preventing the flu in elderly living in nursing homes. For
elderly living in the community, vaccines were not
(significantly) effective against influenza, ILI or
pneumonia..." Reference: "Vaccines for preventing
influenza in the elderly." The Cochrane Database of
Systematic Reviews. 3(2006).

PREGNANT WOMEN: FDA and manufacturer's
insert indicate that the Flu shot should NOT be given to
pregnant women whether it contains Thimerosal
(mercury) or not
Without proof of fetal and
reproductive safety
, the CDC and Advisory Committee
on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommend that all
pregnant women get vaccinated against the flu.

Thimerosal (Mercury) and other

Thimerosal is heavily implicated as a major cause of the
mass generational epidemic in developmental disorders
(including the autism spectrum disorders, ADD, ADHD
and OCD), endocrine-system dysfunction, and
immune-system-related chronic diseases of the lungs,
bowel, pancreas, liver and cardiovascular system.
Studies show a "... 7 to 1 increase in relative risk of injury
for children born to mothers who got a
thimerosal-preserved flu shot in the first 4 lunar months
of their pregnancy over matched mothers who did not."

(Birth Defects and Drugs in Pregnancy, Heinonem, Slone,
Shapiro, 1983)

"Significantly increased risks of autism, speech
disorders, mental retardation, personality disorders,
thinking abnormalities, ataxia and NDs
(neuro-developmental disorders) in general,...were
associated with TCV (thimerosal) exposure."

(Neuroendocrinology Letters Volume 27 No. 4 2006. Mark R.
Geier. M.D., Ph.D. and David A. Geier)

Other components: Formaldehyde (a neurotoxin and
carcinogen), egg protein, contaminant viruses,
antibiotics, and detergent.


Depending on the manufacturer, H1N1 may contain
a potentially debilitating oil based adjuvant (additive)
primarily composed of squalene (MF59, AS03, AS04).
All laboratory rats injected with squalene (oil)
adjuvants developed a disease that left them crippled,
dragging their paralyzed hindquarters across their
cages. Injected squalene can cause severe arthritis
(3 on scale of 4) and severe immune responses such
as autoimmune arthritis and lupus.

References: (1) Kenney RT, Edleman, R. "Survey of
human-use adjuvants." Expert Review of Vaccines. 2
(2003) p171; (2) Matsumoto, Gary. Vaccine A: The
Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our
Soldiers and Why GI's Are Only the First Victims of
this Vaccine. (2004) New York: Basic Books. p54.


· Inability to focus at school and at home. Lack of eye


· Depression, moodiness; tendency to overreact emotionally.

· Delayed or unusual speech patterns such as high pitched

or flat intonation; lack of slang or "kidspeak."

· Hyper or hypo sensitivity to light, sound, crowds and other

external stimulation.

· Difficulty with fine and gross motor skills such as

handwriting, athletic coordination and endurance sports
such as running and swimming.

· Repetitive behaviors and ritualized activities.

· Difficulty in making and keeping friends later in life.

· Asthma and diet issues.

· Conditions often labeled as ADD/ADHD such as

inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

· Significant abnormal bowel function or vasculitis. (1)

· Birth defects including, cleft palate, microcephaly or pyloric

stenosis. (2)

· Guillian Barré Syndrome, a neurological disorder. (3)

(1) Infection and Autoimmunity by Yehuda Shoenfeld, Noel
R. Rose
(2) American Journal of Epidemiology, "Delivering Influenza
Vaccine To Pregnant Women", by David M. Ayoub, MD
and F. Edward Yazbak, MD
(3) U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Who have been Designated as Priority
Recipients for the First Wave of
Experimental Swine-flu Vaccines?

· School children who have never had a flu shot are targeted for four shots in the fall - twice for seasonal flu,
twice for pandemic swine flu. (July 15, 2009 news)
Multi-dose vials will contain Thimerosal (49.6-wt-%

· All students and staff associated with schools (K-12th

grade) and children (aged 6 months or older) and staff in
child care centers.

· Pregnant women, children 6 months to 4 years of age,

new parents and households in contact with children.

· Health care workers and emergency services sector


· Adults less than 65 years old with medical conditions

which increase the risk of influenza.

Why haven't our top national leaders been
included in this list as first priority

What to do if you Plan to Decline

· Ask your State Attorney General, Legislator or

Governor whether your state law exemptions from
vaccine programs (medical, religious,
philosophical) apply during a declared pandemic or
health emergency.

· If exemptions are available, contact your health

care or school professionals for forms to fill out
giving notice that you or your family members are
exempt and are declining the vaccines and/or

· Find out if swine flu or pandemic vaccines will be

required for students and staff in order to attend
public schools.

· Pursuant to Federal Law (NVICP 1986), demand

that your vaccine provider give you a benefit and
risk vaccine information statement prior to
vaccination. They must obtain your written
consent before administration.

· Find out if exposed persons have the right to

self-quarantine at home.
Download and Print Flyer:
(community tool box available)

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