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10 Perfect Ways to Find a Baby Name?

Posted by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 8:05 AM
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found this article while searching for baby name information, the title sort of struck me as odd... but I thought I would list the 10 ways they gave to find the perfect baby name and see which ones you guys agreed with or followed... here they are:

Browse popularity lists

When it comes to finding the most popular baby names, watch for the yearly list put out by the Social Security Administration of the most popular baby names. The Social Security Administration collects name data like it’s going out of style, then they compile all the names into a tidy lists.

Research family history

Family history is a special place to find baby names. Look to family trees, scrapbooks, and talk to elderly family members in order to seek out a significant family name.

Look to the stars

Celebrities have some interesting baby name ideas that any parent can steal – if they’re brave enough. Right now some popular celebrity baby names include; Heaven, Suri, Zola, Apple, and Seven.

Be inspired by Mother Nature

Finding the perfect baby name can be as easy as taking a walk outside. Mother Nature provides many beautiful and unique name opportunities. There are general nature-themed names such as Skye, Ocean, Lake, and for the hippie brave, Sunshine. Trees make for wonderful baby names. Great tree baby names include Sequoia, Cedar, Myrtle, Cypress, Willow, Hazel, Ash, and Juniper.

Expecting parents can look to the flower garden for lovely bloom-ready names like Jasmine, Daisy, Rose, Lily, Violet, Poppy, Daphne, Heather, and Sorrel (a little forest rose). For a more fragrant baby name, try a herbal baby name. Wonderful names derived from herbs include Cassia, Sage, Angelica, Lavender, Basil, Cicely, Saffron, Anise, and Alyssa. For more nature inspired baby names skip the baby name books, and check out a good gardening guidebook.

Create a royal family

People have always been intrigued by royalty, and many parents choose names based on royal figures and families for their own little prince or princess. Great royalty-minded names include names such as Alexandra, George, Victoria, Dagmar, Jane, Diana, and many more. Browsing history books will reveal royal names from all over the world that might just be fitting for a new baby.

Explore locations

Parents can consider fun places they visited pre-baby, where they honeymooned, or even (gasp) where their little bundle was conceived. Great baby girl location names include Asia, India, and Savannah. Having a boy? Cody, Hudson, and Everest are fun picks. Some locations are commonly used as both boy and girl names. These include names like Phoenix, Madison, London, Brooklyn and more. The best part about location names is all you need to find one is a good map or globe! Spin away and find the perfect name.

Study religious figures 

Religion and religious figures have always been popular baby name fodder. From ideas behind religion such as Faith and Charity to actual saints and religious figures such as Matthew, Ann, Jesus, Benedict, Francis, Tobias, and Adam, religious texts make it easy to find a great and hopeful name.

Read great literature

Baby name books are useful and fun reading, but to find a really cool baby name, try some other literature. Popular books throughout history have been full of amazing potential baby names. Little Women offers many names from Beth to Amy to Laurence. Classic literature like Peter Pan offered up unique names like Wendy and traditional names like John, and of course there’s always the flying star’s name – Peter. Look to Shakespeare for names that really stand out; Juliet, Bianca, Antony, Ariel, Cordelia, Imogen, Regan, and Julius.  

With all the great literature out there, the perfect baby name may be as close as your public library.

Rock out 

Music holds a special place in many hearts, and favorite songs or musicians can also offer some pitch perfect baby names. Consider Clapton’s Layla, Marley (after the great Bob Marley), or 867-5309-Jenny. The name Angel has been covered in songs from Madonna to Jimi Hendrix to U2. Led Zepplin rocked about Darlene, while Miles Davis crooned about Freddie. And who can forget Jeremy by Pearl Jam? Break out the LPs, listen up, and find that perfect baby name.

Celebrate the season

Parents can celebrate the season their baby is born in, or even celebrate another season or holiday, just because they like the name. Popular summer baby name choices include Summer, Liberty, Lief, Sailor, and Justice. In the cooler months a baby might be named Winter, Noel, Joy, Holly, or Stormy. Months like August, May, and July are other great seasonal choices. During the crisp fall days a parent might choose Autumn, or simply a name that shows how thankful they are for their new baby.  

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by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 8:05 AM
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