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All suggestions for fixing ds' sleep issues have backfired :(

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My 1 yr old ds used to be a great sleeper. We've coslept since birth. I can tell he is ready to stop, but won't. Here is what is going on:
He's become a super light sleeper. I move an inch and he wiggles.
During his nap he wakes up after only an hot searching for his bottle and/or rolling to his tummy. (In my arms lol)
He constantly wants his bottle until 2 am. As in, he wakes every 20 min to an hour looking for it.
Often he will be wide awake after only an hour or two (Goes to bed at 10) even though he is still tired
Lately he fights sleep with all he's got (the other night he stayed up til 2 screaming for two hours no matter what. Yeah, overtired)
As expected, he rolls around in bed making room for us slim to none (small bed)
His wake/nap/sleep times are over the place (I have a routine for putting him to sleep)
When we lay him in his crib he either wakes up every two hours (hubby lays him down) or wakes up instantly (I lay him down) and screams. He hates his crib
What I've tried:
Feed him more, later (yeah, then he won't take his bottle and can't fall asleep without it. Made him over tired) to try to get him to sleep longer
Lay him down as he is falling asleep, in a deep sleep, any stage of sleep. He still wakes up.
Hubby will do the Cio method, but I will not. I can't handle it.
He can't stand his arms wrapped up so swaddling is a no go.

If we had a bigger bed, I would keep cosleeping. Buuuut I'm also 37 weeks pregnant. I'm exhausted! He's been going through a ton of developmental milestones lately (started saying 3 words on Wednesday!!!) and I know that has something to do with his sleep habits. We've been trying to wean him for months.

I just don't know what to try now. He is becoming a night owl more and more. Only time he sleeps good is when I regretfully allow him to take an evening nap. Then he stays up til 1 or two.
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by on Jan. 21, 2013 at 4:48 AM
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by Bronze Member on Jan. 23, 2013 at 7:22 AM

This is kind of what I've been thinking. When I try to move his bedtime any earlier than 10 he ALWAYS (no matter what time I try) either wakes up an hours later and stays up for a long time or ends up going to sleep later. Right now we have the crib mattress next to ours. Its seems to be working (he's sleeping there now in fact). Baby is kicking me lol. I guess I just have late nighters.

Quoting GodsAmiga:

I haven't read the replies so I apologize if I'm repeating suggestions but my kids hated their cribs and ended up co-sleeping for a while instead. When they were ready I got a toddler bed and when it was bedtime I rubbed their back, played with their hair (both girls-lol), patted their back, etc until they fell asleep. That way they were already asleep and I didn't need to lay them down. After a while I was able to stop that and I would sit in a chair and either read to them from a chapter book or sing songs for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that I would sit silently until they fell asleep. Then I went to only sitting silently for a bit and leaving while they were still awake. Basically made it a gradual change. I promise that "this too shall pass!" :-) My kids are 4 and 2 now and we do bedtime routine and then set the timer for 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes they can read in their bed if they'd like. When the time goes off the books get put away and they go to sleep. It works every night but I remember being where you are now and thinking, "will it ever end???" *hugs*

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