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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: How do you keep your baby comfortable and dry?

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We gave moms Pampers Swaddlers and asked them to try them on their loving babies. Watch what some of our influencer moms are saying about these diapers and then tell us how you keep your baby comfortable and dry.

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by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM
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by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM

I'm a SAHM of 4.  My children are 8, 7, 1, and 2 months.  Having two in diapers is not always easy.  My 1 year old is a heavy wetter.  We have had no leaks since using the Swaddlers.  He has also slept through the night.  Since, there is a color-changing wetness indicator I don't have to wake my 2 month old to see if he is wet.  The Swaddlers are also so much softer then any brand we have tried.    

by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM

My little one is almost 8 months old, and he is my only one. He has mastered sitting up and rolling over, and now he is working on learning to crawl. He can also bear weight on his legs really well, even though all he really wants to do it bounce. I absolutely love the color changing stripe on the Pamper Swaddlers, as you never have to guess if baby is wet. It has been extremely helpful for me. My LO has only had one leak while wearing the Swaddlers, and that was on a long car ride. And the Swaddlers have been fantastic with blowouts. Compare to other diapers I have tried, Swaddlers really are about the best all around. Swaddlers did an excellant job of keeping my LO dry overnight, and he was able to move freely while wearing them. They also did not seem to irritate his legs as much as other diapers have. I would definitely recommend Swaddlers to my mommy friends, especially new moms. And I would definitely buy products from's so fast, easy, and convienient.

by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM
My daughter is 12 weeks today. Her name is Milla and she weighs 14 1/2 pounds. I also have a ds 4, a ds 12, and another dd who is 18.

Milla is lifting her head and turning it from side to side during tummy time. She bears some weight on her legs, smiles and "talks" all the time. She can roll over from tummy to back, but has yet to go from back to tummy. She swats at and tries to grab her toys. She is already teething and chews on her hands constantly.

In order to make sure Milla stays comfortable and dry, I have to check her often because she is never vocal about having a wet or dirty diaper. The color changing wetness indicator is great because of this. It is also nice at night. I can just take a quick peek to see if I need to chance waking her up by changing her diaper. I think these diapers would be perfect for new parents. They make it so easy to see if the baby is wet.

Pampers have done a great job in containing leaks, with the exception of the occasional poop blowout. (She's ebf) This is not a problem with the diaper because she has had major blowouts with every brand of diaper that we have tried. They have also done great overnight. No leaks whatsoever.

I have seen other moms comment on the fit of the Pampers Swaddlers, saying that they need a bigger size for their baby. I have found the opposite to be true for my daughter. I actually requested the size 3 diapers because size 2 in other brands were kind of snug on her. The size 2 in Pampers are a much better fit. I supppse it depends on your baby's body type. I have been using the size 2 during the day and the size 3 at night and that seems to work perfectly.

I had actually used Pampers Swaddlers prior to this program. The hospital I delivered at used them. I have liked these diapers from the get go and would definitely recommend them to other moms, new and seasoned alike.

I have not had the opportunity to use yet. We are currently in the process of moving, but I will definitely give them a try once we get settled in our new house.

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by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM
Check ds often and the wetness indicator makes that super easy.
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by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM

  • Introduce us to your baby by tell us his/her age and how many other children you have.
  • my daughter is almost 10 months old and i have 3 other children.

  • Describe what types of activities your child is doing (lifts head on tummy time, bears weight on legs, rolls over, crawls, etc.)
  • my daughter crawls, bounces around, dances and pulls up to stand.

  • What do you think about the color-changing wetness indicator feature in some of the Pamper Swaddlers diapers? Helpful for a new mom? (answer if only applicable)
  • they help to indicate when a baby needs to be changed which works well to prevent rashes.

  • How do these diapers fare when it comes to leaks and blowouts compared to what you currently use? (don't mention other brands please)
  • they leak more on an active baby, they dont hold up to nighttime wear like the cloth ones i use.

  • How did Pampers Swaddlers do in keeping your baby dry overnight?
  • they didnt hold up i woke to a soaked angry baby.

  • How did Pampes Swaddlerrs do in letting your baby move freely?
  • they leaked too much and the nlowouts left a big mess when she got too active.

  • How was the overall fit of Pampers Swaddlers for your baby?
  • they did ok during the day when she wasnt holding it in bu tonce she went after holding it in she was a mess and her bouncing and dancing made it worse.

  • Have you used Pampers Swaddlers before and would you recommend it to friends?
  • i would only reccomend them for non active infants that are not prone to holding it in for long periods of time.

  •  Would you be willing to buy baby products from in the future?
    Yes i have in the past and will in the future due to their ever exspanding inventory.
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    by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    I check my babies frequently and I love the diapers that have the moisture indicator on them. I have 4 children - a 6 year old, soon to be 5 year old, and twin girls who are 5 1/2 months. I don't have time to keep opening clothes to check for wet diapers!!!! You can usually see the moisture indicator through the clothing. That is a huge help to me.

    My babies are currently lifting their heads, rolling over, one of them "stands" when you hold her hands.

    We've been lucky with both so far and haven't had too many leaks or blow outs. We have had an occasional "blow out" up the back of the diaper, which is probably due to an unfortunate combo of bad timing and the position of the baby.

    We love the fit and feel of the Pampers Swaddlers. The elastic legs help hold the messes inside.

    I would probably buy diapers from Even if they were a little more expensive, the convenience of not having to run to the store would be worth it.

    by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    I'm a working mom of 1 beautiful 6 month old daughter. She's a hot mess of fun- rolling, sitting, and trying to figure out the logistics of crawling. She's always moving. She's right in the middle of the being a size 2 or 3 and I found that going with the Pampers size 3 cut back on her blowouts. I really like the wetness indicator- especially after she's been at daycare and I've forgotten to check to see when her diaper was last changed- all I have to do is take a peak at the wetness indicator and see if she's due, which is nice right now with how much she moves.  They keep her dry and the only leakage was when she was wearing a size 2, once I went up a size she was good. was great- got the size up to me very quickly, I would definitely use them again.

    by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 2:01 PM

    Our baby is 5.5 months old and weighs around 16 lbs. He fits in both the size 2 pampers swaddlers as well as the size 3. I love swaddlers because they are really soft and clothlike. They keep moisture away from the baby and they fit nicely. Right now, the 2's fit well, but he is moving into the size 3's. I've always liked Pampers Swaddlers and I still like them the best out of all the disposable diaper types that I have used. I like the wetness strip for newborns and smaller babies, but don't really see the need for older babies. Our baby isn't on the move yet, but pampers swaddlers hold everything in for our baby and we really like them. Thanks for choosing me to do this influencer, we love pampers!

    ***Also wanted to add that I have started using the size 3 because they seem to fit him better at his weight. The two's are starting to get a little tight. Either way, I love the feel of the Pampers. So soft!

    by on Apr. 10, 2013 at 1:44 AM
    Miss Lydia turned 7 months on the 1st. She has an older sister and older brother whom she adores.

    In the past few weeks she has been working on crawling, and just in the last day or so, she has conquered it! And is all over the place to prove it! No more leaving her to sit while I go use use bathroom- SHE WILL NOT BE THERE when you come back!

    We love Pampers Swaddlers, they keep my baby clean and dry. With Lydia, we have only used Swaddlers. After trying a few different brands with our first, we stuck with Pampers Swaddlers, and used them until the older 2 were about 4-6 months when they outgrew size 2s, as either size 3 and up didn't exist or they were extremely hard to find.

    On younger babies, I feel that the Swaddlers are way way better than other brands- 1) they are softer on their sensitive brand new to earth skin 2) they fit a slimmer body as well as a chunky body, other brands tend to be bigger around the waist and leave gaps for leaks on my skinny newborns. The wetness indicator was especially useful in the early days when it was important to count diapers, but now I can tell when it's wet without the indicator.

    Pampers Swaddlers keeps her dry through the night, except when it was time to move up in sizes.

    Pampers Swaddlers allow her to move freely. But I have noticed that since she has been on the move, they are starting to get a little saggy even before they are wet.

    Currently size 3 Swaddlers fit her perfectly. She is very tall, about 28 inches at average weight for her age. So even though at about 16lb, she still is within the weight limits of size 2, she needs the additional rise that the size 3 provide. I would not think this would be needed for a baby of normal height.

    I will continue to recommend Pampers Swaddlers to friends and new moms- as the best diaper for a new born, and now for the extended sizes.

    I find it unlikely that I will order baby products from, unless the deal was too good to pass up- I am able to get great deals at my local retailers by stacking coupons and deals.
    by Bronze Member on Apr. 10, 2013 at 7:11 AM


    I use huggies and change my son's diaper as often as needed. I don't look at a clock. I look at him and check him. If he needs it changed I do so. His skin is dry, and soft.

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