Kiss Me I'm irish Baby'Tis the season when Irish eyes are smiling extra bright, as much of the world gets ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's a fun and festive holiday for all to celebrate no matter your nationality, and that's kind of the way it is with Irish baby names too. There are so many great ones, they can provide inspiration for anyone.

So if you're passing on the green beer this year because of the wee little one you have on the way, don't pass up the opportunity to consider some amazing names that come from the Emerald Isle. Here are 30 of my favorites.


1. Aoife (pronounced: ee + fa)

2. Annabella

3. Aisling

4. Fiona

5. Cordelia (My favorite!)

6. Cara

7. Delaney

8. Rowan

9. Nessa

10. Siobhan (pronounced: shiv + awn)

11. Clodagh (pronounced: clo + da)

12. Iona

13. Niamh (pronounced: neev)

14. Nora

15. Maeve


1. Nolan (My son's name)

2. Lucky

3. Cedric

4. Declan

5. Dempsey

6. Trystan

7. Desmond

8. Graham

9. Ryan

10. Riordan

11. Cian (pronounced: key + in)

12. McCourt

13. Art

14. Bartley

15. Colman