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BFing and alcohol???!!

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Hi everyone I'm Jazzy. I had my baby on Jan 31 and took her to the dr yesterday for a one week check. (She has been having jaundice issues) The dr. said that she was gaining her weight back nicely (she has gained 3 oz in 5 days Monday she was 5 9 yesterday she was 5 12), however advised me to drink a glass of champagne (Sp?) to increase my milk supply for pumping. I'm getting conflicting information on that. Everything I have read says to stay away from alcohol while bfing, and my dr says to have it for my supply. Who is right?

by on Feb. 8, 2014 at 8:50 AM
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by on Feb. 10, 2014 at 5:39 PM
I'm curious to know where I was rude and disrespectful to you and others. Really. Oh because I questioned you? Or because I have you facts you don't like to hear?

Actually...I don't really care. You are the type of poster who says "how do you know I'm not xyz" and when throw accusations and run. I got it. Continued luck with your son.

Quoting ZennMomma: My son just turned 12, so good so far. If I listened to the health professionals here he'd be doped out of his gourd for presumed epilepsy, instead we made diet changes and he is a normal healthy 12 year old. I sought out other professional help. Luck has nothing to do with it, just because someone practices medicine doesn't mean they know the absolutes.

You have been rude to me and disrespectful to myself and others, I won't be engaging any more in this conversation.

Quoting IrishIz: I don't know what your background is and never presumed to know. Would you like to share?

My opinion is based on fact. So my facts are facts and true. Interesting that you bring up alternative health care....because I actually happen to be very close to holding an advanced certificate in the studies of complementary and integrative therapies. So yeah...water is still bad for a newborn.

And I'm not wrong because your son didn't suffer any obvious negative are just lucky he didn't.

You can be disgusted all you want...the feeling is likely mutual. I just hope your son manages to survive despite his mother's ignorance.

Quoting ZennMomma: That is your opinion. How do you know I have no health background ?

Also opinions like yours are why I've been driven to alternative health care. Myself and my son are better for it.

One size rarely works for anything. I was treated by 3 obgyn sat 2 offices that let me have miscarriage after miscarriage because their approach was one way for everyone. I'm really quite disgusted with it and with health care "professionals" such as yourself.

Obviously YOU are wrong because the 2 ounces of sugar water my son got twice in the hospital did nothing to him but make sure his blood sugar didn't drop.

Quoting IrishIz:

That article is meaningless.  I would want to see an article from a peer reviewed medical journal.  I would even take an article from the World Health Organization, The AAP, NIH...but not some random person on the internet.  So even that article would make you think about that 1 ounce for a newborn though.  You said 1 ounce won't hurt.  This article says 2 ounces once you start about 6 months.  There is a MASSIVE difference between a newborn and a 6 month old...and there's a huge difference between 1 and 2 ounces at that point as well.

Every baby is different...that doesn't meant they have different nutritional needs.

You can think what you want but you are wrong.  I work in the medical in more much more than an aid of some sort.  My specialty include labor, delivery, newborns, lactation and peds.  That doctor and nurse were wrong and if something happened to your would have won a lawsuit because they were negligent.

Quoting ZennMomma: I found several articles saying formula fed babies need some water, but breastfed babies usually don't. I found this article saying too much water was bad and to limit to 2-4 ounces once foods are introduced. So giving a newborn an ounce or a half an ounce isn't going to hurt, as long as that's as much as you give them per day and not every day.

Like I said I only did it a couple of times. My son gained weight, I also bottle fed him breast milk and breastfed for the first month, then he was exclusively bf.

Every baby is different and this one size fits all crap that gets handed out to new moms is bullshit and often makes new moms feel bad.

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