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Posted by on Aug. 21, 2008 at 1:28 PM
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Taylor was breech during the entire pregnancy.  Her due date was 6/18/07, so we had a c-section scheduled for 6/11/07.  We figured since we had a date scheduled and I was not dialating or anything like that we could relax.  On June 2, I was 37 almost 38 weeks.  I had a babyshower that day.  I definately was "nesting" because after the shower, I came home and unpacked EVERYTHING, washed it, and put it away.  Mind you, I had a HUGE shower-2 truck loads of stuff!!!  Well, I was a medical assistant to my ob, and knew a lot about labor signs, ect...  I got home from the shower at 5pm.  At about 10pm, I started leaking a little bit of fluid.  I thought I was just peeing on myself a little bit, and didn't want to page my boss that late unless I was sure my water was breaking.  Well, I kept on having the "leaking" over the next couple of hours.  Just a little here and there.  I decided to go ahead and go to bed, since I wasn't contracting, and was sure it was pee.  (lol)  Before going to sleep I prayed, "God, if it's really time please give me a sign if I need to go to labor and delivery."  At 1:15 am, I woke up, rolled over to go pee, and the flood gates opened.  My water had definately broken!  I went to the living room where my husband was sleeping, fluid pouring out of me onto our wood floor, and said, "hey baby, my water broke."  By then my pomeranian, chewy, had come up and started lapping up the amniotic fluid off the floor.  I couldn't get her to quit.  I was freaking out, saying "NO CHEWY!  QUIT!"

We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off and grabbed the cell phones, chargers, my purse, some towels and left.  We had no bag packed.  By then I had started contracting and my husband drove 90mph to the hospital. My doctor wasn't on call.  The other doctor in the clinic I worked at was the doc on for that night, and we HATED eachother.  The staff at the hospital wouldn't page my doc since she wasn't on call, so I called her cell.  She graciously got out of bed and delivered Taylor by c/s at 3:45 am!

by on Aug. 21, 2008 at 1:28 PM
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by on Aug. 21, 2008 at 5:37 PM

On June 12th, I was scheduled for induction at 6 am. We got up and headed to the hospital and they started the stuff to thin my cervix, which SURPRISE wasn't working like they hoped it would. A few hours later, they started the pitocin to get the contractions going in hopes that it would cause me to dialate.

I started to get some really strong contractions but everytime they checked me, I was still stuck at 2cm. My doctor came in around 1pm and told them to turn the pitocin up, which they did. They started to get slightly painful but I refused medication because I was afraid it would slow things down and I was ready to meet my daughter! I got on the birthing ball and had my husband, Cameron, rub my back instead, which really did help the pain. The nurses kept offering me meds, but I told them I would wait until I needed the epidural.

At 3pm, I still hadn't progressed and my doctor was going to send a specialist in sometime in the afternoon. The first doctor that came (I didn't really care for him! lol) told me that my baby was normal size and that we were going to keep going and no one was supposed to check me until 7pm, which wasn't what I wanted to hear at alllol At about 5:00, a different specialist, Dr Baker (My HERO!) came in and measured my belly and checked again for any progress. There was NONE. He was a really nice guy and basically said "Hey - its my opinion that this is a big baby, its not coming naturally, and C-Section is the way I would go." I asked him when he wanted to do it and he said "How about now?" At that point, Cam started to call EVERYONE and let them know that it was TIME. They got him all scrubbed up and I got ready to meet my daughter!

I headed to the OR and they inserted a spinal block. The needle looked HUGE, but my anesthesiologist must have had magic hands, because I didn't feel a thing. In fact, he walked away and I asked the nurse if he was going for the needle and she said that he was already done! lol

They laid me back, had Cameron come in, and started the C-Section. I didn't feel ONE bit of it. I kept looking at Cam and asking him "Can you see her yet?" Finally, at 6:52pm, I heard my daughter let out a major wail and watched my husband smile as she came into view. Dr. Baker lifted her over the curtain and said "This is why she wasn't coming naturally." She was such a BIG baby! 8lbs 5oz with a full head of hair and vernix covering her whole body. I started crying immediately and Cam and I watched them clean her off as they finished up the surgery.

An hour later, I was able to introduce her to her family. I, and everyone else, have been madly in love with her ever since that first breath!

They told me that I would never be able to deliver naturally because of how my body is, but thats okay. It really wasn't so bad getting the c-section and atleast the next time around I'll know what to expect.

Loving Wife of Cameron, Proud Mother of Adrianna\

Visit my blog at

by on Aug. 21, 2008 at 5:59 PM

I was due August 24th, 2007. I thought he'd NEVER come out. I was sooo uncomfortable.  This was my second pregnancy. I had been having back pains August 21st all day (now looking back I realize I was in labor). I woke up that night at 12:45 a.m. to go pee and noticed my pajamas were soaking wet. So I woke up my husband all excited and scared and told him "My water broke" and he asks "Are you sure?" lol. I figured I had a ton of time becuase my first labor was 17 hours long. So I took a shower while I waited for my dad to come stay with my older son. After the shower, I started to have some really bad contractions and I was like ok we need to go. We got to the hospital areound 1:25 a.m and by the time they put me on the bed to check me I had to bury my head in my husbands chest! But I figured I'm probaby only 6 cm. They checked me and told me "You're 8 cm" and my heart dropped! I had an epidural with my first. I never planned in my life to have a natural birth, but obviously God had another plan for me! They told me they couldn't give me any medication because I was progressing too fast. I cried! My sister arrived (who's a labor delivery nurse) which calmed me a little. I was in so much pain I really don't even remember certain things. My sister was in my ear trying to tell me how to breathe because I was panicking. The contractions were one on top of the other. I was fully dialted by 2:10 a.m and about 2 pushes later he was out! All I can say is taht natural birth is the most intense and painful experience I've ever had, and as weird as this sounds, I want to have natural birth again if I have more children!:D I'm just glad my birth was short and sweet or else I might not have survived lol!

by on Aug. 21, 2008 at 6:08 PM
My last pregnancy was so upsetting. I was due August the 13th. I ended up having so wierd pains and penches and I kept having to go to the bathroom. The pains wouldn't go away and the baby quit moving. I would eat and drink and lay down and nothing. I would laugh and cry and still nothing. I made an appointment and went in July the 4th and he put me in the hospital to be moitored and we were able to locate her heartbeat so after a four hours I was released. I went home and still could not stop hurting. I fought it out for the next day and I called him back and said that something really didn't feel right.Luckily he listened. He checked my fluid level in the placenta and sent me to the hospital. My appt time was 9:15 and he sent me to the hospital at 10:15 and I was having and emergency c-section at 11:00am. I was so panicked my husband was delivering fuel in Fenton La so even if he would have headed back he would not have seen the delivery. My girls were with my mother in law who did not drive. My sister in law was in town. It was the biggest mess to get my two daughters to teh hospital. Finally My husband got in touch with a friend of mine and she came in the delivery room with me. My sister in law finally made it there also. My beautiul Daughter LAINEY MICHELLE was born at 12:05 pm and later her daddy came and got to hold her and share some loving apologies with her. i was up and in the shower at 4:35 pm the same afternoon. Thats the story of my last little girl.
by on Aug. 21, 2008 at 6:49 PM

DS # 1 was due on May 28, 2006.  My pregnancy went pretty smooth, alot of nausea but nothing out of the ordinary.  Come June 5th I still had not had him, nor had I even dialated at all so they scheduled me an induction that day and I went strait to the hospital, around 2:30 pm.  Around 5 pm they inserted some cervadil (sp?) to soften my cervix and around 11 pm they started me on pitocin...well I started having back contractions that were killing me, they gave me some stadal for the pain and that kept me pretty content..I guess the nurses and all were lazy that night b/c they told me if I wanted an epidural I had to get it NOW (about 7 am) I was still only dialated to a 1.  So being 18 and not knowing much about having a baby I went ahead and got it. Well around 7 Logans heart rate dropped into the 30's for over 3 minutes so of course they rush me back for an emergency c-section. They put me to sleep and took him at 7:12 am. 8 lb 6 oz 20 1/2 in. He came out not breathing and his one minute apgar was only a 4..I lost so much blood they wanted to give me a transfusion but I refused...well slowly we both got healthier and a week later we both came home.

DS # 2 was due on June 25th of this year..I had a scheduled repeat c-section on June 13 (friday the 13th).  So I went in to the hospital at 5:30 am and got blood work, IV, all that good stuff.  at about 7:15 I walked back to the OR and was prepared for my c-section.  I was a nervous wreck.  After being prepped and ready to go...Quenten was born at 7:46 am, 6 lb 13 oz, 19 in. Unfortunately I or the father did not get to see him right away b/c he was born with an unexpected cleft lip and palate and was having breathing difficulties...after they told us and got me all stapled up and in my room, the father got to go see our little boy...he came back and told me how cute he was and that he looked just like him.  So several hours later the transport team brought Quenten into my room for a few seconds right before transferring him to the NICU in columbia MO.  I did not get to see or hold my baby for two days and it was very hard...So finally I wabble my self into the NICU to see my baby boy only to find out that the father and his new girlfriend were up there and that she held my baby before me...boy was I pissed!!! Well that was that!

by on Aug. 21, 2008 at 8:14 PM

my little girl abbee grace was due on october 6 2007 well my doctor took me of work 4 weeks early because i was having problems with high blood pressure. i had to go to the hospital the weekend that i took of work because i was having bad headackes from the high blood pressure. well they put me on total bed rest i could only get up to go to the bathroom. yeah fun.  well i figured out that i was in labor that whole week before i had her. well i went to my checkup on wednesday sept. 12 and my blood pressure was really high so i got put in the hospital yeah fun. they planned to do the a c- section thursday at noon because she was breech my whole pregnancy well it didnt happen at noon because my water broke at 3 in the morning the pain hurt so bad and this was my first baby i didnt know what to expect the gave me a shot of pain medicine cause i was hurting and my blood pressure was already high they didnt want me getting more stressed out. so they moved my c- section to 6 in the morning  and they gave me a epidurial and i got sick because i ate the night  before and they said i could eat because my c- section wasent till noon oops.  my little girl was born at 6:21 am on 9/13/07 and she was 17 and a half inches long and weighed 5' 13


by on Aug. 21, 2008 at 8:19 PM

Well we didn't know if we would ever get Ethan out, he was so relaxed and easy going in the womb.  I was fortunate enough to have a pretty easy pregnancy, but I had no idea what was in store for me.   The day before my due date I started about 7:30 am with a sharp pain in my lower stomach.  Being my first pregnancy I wasn't sure what labor pains actually felt like.  So as the day went on the sharp pains became for frequent and more intense so I started timing at about 10 am.  By about noon (just as my in-laws were arriving for our Sunday lunch), my contractions were close enough to call my doctor.  We got to the hospital and I was dilated to about 6 centimeters, they admitted me, gave me an epidural about an hour later (I am a wimp when it comes to pain), and broke my water.  At 10 centimeters dilated we started to notice Ethan's heart rate to drop and he wasn't coming down the birth canal--mind you at this point I was shaking uncontrollably but not because I was upset, I my body just wouldn't stop.  My poor husband tried to calm me down, but I think got frustrated when nothing would make the shaking stop.  So after trying everything they could they stopped my contractions (that shot only made me shake more - it was described to me as being equal to like 12 espressos) and prepped me for an emergency c-section.  I didn't feel a thing, but at 11:51 pm my little man was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck a couple of times, but he came out screaming.  We joke he's fashionably early -- only 9 minutes before the day we thought would be his birthday. :-)

by on Aug. 22, 2008 at 9:38 AM

My first daughter was a little more exciting then my second. With mt first daughter we went in two weeks early for an induction. When we got there at 6pm they were really busy and had no room for me so they put me all the way in the back of the maternaty ward. The nurse they gave me could careless that I was a first time mom and treated me like I was a second class citizen. She couldn't get the neddle in my arm to take my blood and didn't have enough time to give me an extra pillow. so, my induction didn't start until 6 am in the morning the next moring with cervadil I had a couple hours of that and then they started pitocin. To make a long story short after 2 whole days of pitocin and not a single contraction I was ready for a c-section. She was born at 4:35pm and was a big girl 8lbs 11oz so I was happy I had a c-section.

My second daughter they also said was going to be big. They said smaller then her sister but big. so they scheduled a c-section with her. I went in at 5:30 and by 7:47am She was born. They said smaller then her sister who remember was 8 11. when they took Ava to weigh her she weighed in at 9lbs 4oz not so small.

by on Aug. 22, 2008 at 11:29 AM

I've only had one pregnancy so I was really scared. I didn't know what to expect at all. I was due June 18, 2008. On the day of May 26th, we put the crib together, I painted this cute little thing with my daughters name on it, it had jungle animals glued around the outside. I put all her clothes away and put together her closet. Than my boyfriend at the time, my sister and I watched a really scary movie. So scary that even he thought it was scary and actually jumped. It was the movie where those girls go cave diving and get attacked by those creepy super human things. That can't see, but can hear really well. One girl "gets out", drives away, than relizes it was just a dream and is still in the cave. But it was so scary, Mike said, watch this is going to scare you into labor. Because I jumped many times during that movie.... The movie was over about 2:30 in the morning on the 27th. I awoke at 4:30, just two hours later, with this huge burst of water all over the bed. I get up, grab a towel and smile the whole way to the bathroom. Now keep in mind that my sister, who is only just a year younger than me, was leaving on the 27th for job corp, and couldn't come back for two weeks until after orientation was over, so she had been hoping and praying that my little angel would join us before she left. So I totally think it was her that made me go into labor. I woke up Mike, who just said, "really? are you sure?" I said "ya" and we woke up Heather. She jumped so high (because of the scary movie), and I had always heard that first labors take an average of 14 hours or something like that, so I figured that I had plenty of time. So I decided to straighten my hair. Don't ask. I knew it would get messed up again. It was just in the middle of the night, so my hair was a HUGE mess. I wanted to look somewhat decent. So we walked across the street and woke up my mom and brother and we all drove to the hospital. We got there about five. And they checked me, I was already four cm. With only two contractions. We live really close to the hospital, and I didn't get contractions until after my water broke. I was admitted and monitered for like ten minutes only. Than they checked me again and I was already 8. Ten minutes later! So I said I wanted an epidural because they were getting really strong and I am a whimp. But the guy took so long to get there that my doctor walked in and said that it was too late and he didn't think that I could have it. So I go ahead and cry. I was so scared of the pain I was about to be in. Well, after contracting for 3 hours. I started pushing at 8am and my DD was born 21 minutes later. I tore in three spots and I swear the stitches hurt worse that the labor pains....but when I have more kids, I really want to do it naturally. I can't say why, but it's just something about working so hard and feeling so much pain for so long, and then seeing your child for the first time that is amazing. I'd do it again right now. And my DD is only three months old....

by on Aug. 22, 2008 at 1:04 PM

My first: Aiden was due two days after Thanksgiving 11/26/2005.  I had a pretty normal pregnancy except for the fact my first doctor scared the living daylights out of me over a shadow on the baby's heart that resulted in another ultrasound, which yeilded nothing but a headache...  Anyway, I moved to AZ in the midst of my third trimester and my new doctor was awesome.  He promised me that we were not going to be going to the hospital on Thanksgiving.  On hte 17th of November I went in for my doctor's appointment and he checked me and said I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced and I was not going to make it the weekend on my cervix.  He stripped my membranes (which hurt like hell and I had a migraine on top of all of that).  He prescribed me something for my nausea that I was having and told me to get some rest.  Friday was total nesting and a few contractions here and there but nothing exciting.  I went to bed at midnight because I was busy packing a bag for the hospital.  At 5 am I woke up to some intense contractions.  My mom called the doctor and he said to wait for a bit and he would call in a couple of hours to check on me.  He callled at 10 and said I was still a ways off so to just try to relax and when the pain got too intense to go to the hopital.  Well at 11am I had hit a plateau no progress same intensity.  He called told me to get in a hot shower and so I did, lost my mucous plug in the shower and contractions got worse.  I went to the hospital had to wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes but the security guard did not want to see a baby being born in the ER waiting room so he took me to L & D.  I got checked and I was 8 almost 9 cm dilated 100% effaced.  At 1230 I was in my L & D room and at 210pm my son Aiden was born (11/19/2005).


My second child: Well, my original due date was 1/2/2008.  I had a very normal pregnancy and so the doctor told me to just take it easy during the holidays and the day after Christmas he would decide if I needed to have my membranes stripped or if I should just wait.  So Christmas Eve, my hubby and I planned out our entire Christmas visiting schedule and we headed out to his dad's house for Christmas Eve dinner.  We spent the evening with his dad and opened up a few presents and then we drove down to my mom's house (an hour away from my hospital). When we got to my mom's everyone had been drinking.  Everyone was pretty much drunk.  My hubby wanted to drink because he promised my brother and sister he would.  Well, I kept saying well, what if I go into labor and all of you dorks are drunk?  Well, everyone reassured me that I was no where near ready and so we just visited.  By 11pm my hubby was not only drunk but he was throwing up in the bathroom.  So, everyone was headed to bed while I staye dup to wait for my hubby.  I fell asleep for about an hour and went and checked on my hubby.  He came out and slept on the living room floor at 2am.  I woke up at 3 am with contractions (yes Christmas Monring).  I waited it out thinking that I was just dehydrated but they were very strong and very consistent.  My sister came out at about 330 and was asking me why I was awake and I told her it was because I was having contractions.  She said oh and went back to bed.  My brother did the same thing and so did my dad. At 5am my hubby woke up and saw me sitting up.  He asked what was wrong and I told him that I was in labor.  He freaked and at 6am we drove the hour to the hospital.  We got there at 7 and I walked in alone becaus ehe had to park.  A nurse came in right behind me and pointed me to the L & D triage area and walked me right in.  Well, I got checked out and all of that and was not even 3 cm dilated.  They told me to walk for an hour and then to come back.  Well, we walked and walked and went back an hour later and I was past four cm. They carted me up to L & D and got my epidural started (I have to say the epidural is the best thing EVER!).  My nurses and doctors kept checking in on me every hour.  I got put on Pitocin because I had plateaued and labor slowed when they gave me my epidural.  I slpet for about two hours and when they checked on me at 1pm I was at nine.  They gave me another hour and I was at 10.  I started pushing at 2pm and did not have the baby until 310pm.  So my son was born on 12/25/2007 at 310pm and his name is Christopher. 

by on Aug. 22, 2008 at 1:25 PM

i was due on august 9th. but when i was 7 1/2 months pg i found out i had galstones so my doctor desided she was going to scheduele me to get induced. so on july 31st we went into the hospital at 8 am. at 9 am they started to stuff that was supposed to thin my cervix. it was working good but slow. about 2 they came in and broke my water by this piont i was dialated to bout a 3 almost. at 6 they came in and started my pictocin drip and at 7 they brought my epidural. the guy that did it messed up when he stuck it in so he actually wound up giving me a spinal block. my husband was so angry. becaushen he gave me the spinal it dropped my babys heart rate down to 60. and i was scared to death i was in there by myself and i didnt know if my baby was ok. they gave me a shot of epidrine toraise her heart rate and thank god it worked. so all got calmed down and my doctor said she wanted me to get some rest cause it was gonna be a long night. so i started getting sleepy headed and tried to lay down. my hubby went to sleep pore thang had been up at work doing a double and got off from there and came to the hospital. well at bout 11:10 pm they came in and said i was stuck at a 5 and that my baby wasnt tolerating labor well so they rushed around getting me ready for a c-section. they began the surgery and i was so ancious so nervous so....... its hard to explain but i was so ready to see my babygirl.  at 11:54 pm rakayah lee fields was born. she was 7 lbs 7 oz. 18 3/4inches long. and she was so beautiful. the minute her daddy saw her he broke down into tears. he cried more than she did lol. now she is 3 weeks and1 day old and weighs 7 lbs 15 oz  19 inches long.

*karissa, rakayah, jakerrian*

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