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what is going on with him?

Posted by on Dec. 2, 2008 at 3:52 PM
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this is a little long....

about a month ago i called the dr about ds's diarrhea. he is 2 1/2. they said that it was probably a bug and would go away in  up to a week. we went down to the states and he got sick on the 16th. threw up 3 times and continuing diarrhea. he hasn't had a solid poop yet. he threw up thursday morning, thursday night, saturday evening, and last night. his pooping is usually once a day even if it is runny but last night it was during the day, 9 pm, 11 pm, 12 am, and 3 am. liquid poo. sorry for TMI. called his dr again and they don't have anything today. i could go to a walk-in clinic but i really can't afford to go in and have them say its nothing or they can't do anything. the vomiting is really strange too. he will be fine all day and then get nauseous in the evening. he woke up this morning and downed 2 poptarts. he was sick thursday morning and ate ALL DAY LONG. got sick at about 11pm. i thought that was just from eating too much. it is so erratic.

should i take him in? is this just a flu thing? any one have any thoughts?




by on Dec. 2, 2008 at 3:52 PM
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by on Dec. 2, 2008 at 4:05 PM
I would def take him in.... Sounds really weird. My SIL had a similar situation with her son. She made the DR test his stool... Try it, c what happens.. Good Luck. Keep me posted. :)
by on Dec. 2, 2008 at 4:10 PM

I would take him in. my nephew had something similar to this and when my sis took him in he was dehydrated and had a terrible intestinal infection and was hospitalized for a week! (he's 4)

by on Dec. 2, 2008 at 4:15 PM

sounds like rotavirus..2 of my children had it..i know this may sound gross but the best way to tell is does his poop smell like something spoiled?? this is just a virus that will run its course..but u have to watch for dehydration...when my now 6 yr old daughter was 5months old she got it really bad where she got dehydrated cause everytime i gave her a bottle she had projectile vomiting..and she had to be hospitalized for 3 days cause she was so dehydrated..i remember so clearly i felt so bad cause she was so chunky and had all those cute little rolls and they had such a hard time starting the IV on her..if u want to find out more google rotavirus.



Rotavirus is a genus of double-stranded RNA virus in the family Reoviridae. It is the leading, single cause of severe diarrhoea among infants and young children.[1] By the age of five, nearly every child in the world has been infected with rotavirus at least once.[2] However, with each infection, immunity develops, subsequent infections are less severe,[3] and adults are rarely affected.[4] There are seven species of this virus, referred to as A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Rotavirus A, the most common, causes more than 90% of infections in humans.

Rotavirus is transmitted by the faecal-oral route. It infects cells that line the small intestine and produces an enterotoxin, which induces gastroenteritis, leading to severe diarrhoea and sometimes death through dehydration. Although rotavirus was discovered in 1973[5] and accounts for up to 50% of hospitalisations for severe diarrhoea in infants and children,[6] its importance is still not widely known within the public health community, particularly in developing countries.[7] In addition to its impact on human health, rotavirus also infects animals, and is a pathogen of livestock.[8]

More than 500,000 children under five years of age die from rotavirus infection each year,[9] and almost two million more become severely ill.[7] In the United States, rotavirus causes about 2.7 million cases of severe gastroenteritis in children, almost 60,000 hospitalisations, and around 37 deaths each year.[10] Public health campaigns to combat rotavirus focus on providing oral rehydration therapy for infected children and vaccination to prevent the disease.[11]

by on Dec. 2, 2008 at 6:04 PM

yes i would take him in. my son had that problem also, and i was told he had a bug also. the problem with a lot of runny poop is that its very easy for ur lil man to get dyhidrated. my son had runny poop for 3 days and i took him into the hos. and they had to put a i.v in his hand to get some fluids in him. so ya a lot of runny poop is no joke i would take him in for sure.

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