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Advise needed on FLYING with infants! (PIOG)

Posted by on Dec. 13, 2008 at 9:22 PM
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So I know every baby is different, but I'm needing any and ALL advise on flying with infants!  My daughter will be 6 months on the day we fly (it'll be just me and her) and I'm freaking out that I'll be a crazy lunatic and that everyone will be pissed off at me for bringing a baby on a plane!!!!!!  LOL  I know I'm over-reacting but I need any help I can get! 

What all did you take with you?  What should I make sure to pack in my carry-on instead of my checked bag?  Any other hints or tips is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

Thanks so much!

by on Dec. 13, 2008 at 9:22 PM
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by on Dec. 13, 2008 at 9:44 PM

If she takes a pacifier then make sure you take a few we lost ours!!  Take plenty of bottles or be prepared to nurse.  I'll probably get bashed for this but I would also give the baby some tylenol before you go!! 


by on Dec. 13, 2008 at 9:55 PM

first how long you traveling for.? i went to cali with Olivia when she was 3 months and i was so lucky that the 5 hrs she was an angel. everyone was like wwoooww.. but like i said i was lucky. as far as what to bring as a carry on. we did the obvious formula bottle and water bottle. binky.. toys.. blanket and books. we let her jump on us for hours and then she slept for about 2 hours. alone is gonna be that more harder because all she will play with is u. Olivia would switch off with me n daddy so it was that much more easier. as far as the other people on the plan,.. not to be mean but screw em. if she is wigging out they have to understand. they will tune it out sooner or later. just make it fun for her and maybe you should feed her on the plane so she is content for longer.  try to schedule her nap for the plane as well.. i wish u luck hope for the best.

p.s im scared to travel with her now and she is almost 17 months.


by on Dec. 14, 2008 at 8:14 AM

I agree with the poster who recommended Tylenol.  The pressure changes are going to hurt her ears.  I would feed her or give her a pacifer during during take off and landing.  The sucking will help her ears pop.


by on Dec. 14, 2008 at 10:16 AM

i flew with my daughter when she was 6 months 17 months and we are getting ready to go on a plane in about 7 daysand she will be 2 jan 9th. this time im lucky and my husband/her daddy is going to be with me :) when she was 6 months she was very good i tried to alter her schedual a little so she would sleep while on the plane she did for a little wile but after that she was sooo curious about everything around her. that time i brought  a bottle binki teething rings. i brought puffs, and books, very colorful books.... when she was 17 months i brought her blankie she didnt take a binki by that time but i brought one for take off and landing. i brought a babydoll and she was content the whole time she didnt sleep that time but she was very good. this time im just sooo thankful that  daddy will be with us im not really worried about what to bring im just worried about our flight getting delayed and we already have a 21/2 hour layover and i just dont want to get any delays we are flying to ohio.... good luck

by on Dec. 14, 2008 at 2:33 PM

Don't worry.  My daughter is 4 months and she has flown 3 times.  You'll do great.  The one thing I would NOT leave behind is a pack or a sling to put your baby in.  You will need all you hands free when trying to get through the airport, going through security, go to the bathroom, you know.  Plus, if your baby is like mine, she'll fall asleep in it making your life so much easier.  Good luck!

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by on Dec. 14, 2008 at 7:23 PM

Portable DVD player (Best money I ever spent!), favorite books, binkies, might even ask your pediatrician about Benadryl he/she can tell you the dosage for your babies weight (don't hate) and something for you Percocet maybe‚Ķ kidding.  I have logged thousands of miles with my daughter even a few trips over seas!  I hate flying with little ones and will pray for you  J

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by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 11:37 PM

My DD is an  expert flyer at 8 months!  Bring a couple pacifiers, bottle-enfamil makes single serving packets, just fill the bottle(s) with water (I always bring one even though I BF, just in case), baby food, Tylenol, more diapers than you think you need.    TSA permits resonable amounts of liquids when traveling with a child, just have it all packed in a way that you can pull it out easily--some airports don't make you pull it out, others do.   If you BF bring a light weight cover that baby wont get hot under and want to pull off (a sarong works great).  A baby carrier is a must! I wouldn't want to hassle with a stroller.  If you are renting a car at your destination you can arrange to also rent a car seat, yes it's extra $ but I've seen the abuse the checked car seats take (lost cushions, etc).  A few toys, a blanket.  Try to pack light since you have to carry it all yourself (I know, easier said than done!)  Don't bother with a book or activity for yourself, you wont get to it.  Basically just think in terms of packing the diaper bag for an all day outing. 

Give yourself extra time, Relax!

My dd has done really well so far, actually it's easier while they are pre-mobile...she's entertained by all the knew sites and people to make friends with.  Her trips at 3 and 6 months she slept through most of, we flew at 8 months for Thanksgiving and she slept & played but towards the end started to get a little difficult because she wanted to be able to get down and crawl.

Good luck!

by on Dec. 16, 2008 at 2:45 PM

Serena flew with us a zillion times before she was 6 mo's old.

We tried to bring an 8 oz bottle of formula prepared and they made us throw it away. Take powder in a bottle and buy a water inside.

I would bring a stroller............ even tho other mom's said no. Some one could take your baby when you set him/her down for a breather....... you aren't going to want to wear that pack all day, plus carry the bags, huh??? My friend flew to Italy and she brought hers because of the bags she had to bring.

Plan feedings for going up and coming down, even if it's just a few swallows. Don't freak out if baby doesn't want to eat tho.... mine did fine. The ears will pop eventually. Snacks also help with ear popping.

Flight attendents help ALL the time with babies.... do NOT hesitate to ask!!!! They love it!

For BF'ing I actually wore a poncho that could double as a blanket if the flight was too cold for Serena. It made bf'ing so much easier, because of the small space, and I was NOT a pro at using a blanket LOL!

Pack the DIAPER BAG as your only carry on....

include snacks for you and your baby.... and only like 8 at the most diapers and a little box of wipes. Check the rest. If the bags get lost, you will have enough to get thru until you buy more at destination. Pack only the essentials as if you were going to the store....

have 2-3 BRAND NEW toys so baby isn't already bored with them (just ones that have been packed away for a while, or ones you bought at the thrift store work) but don't let them play with these until the flight home for the same reason! We used musical toys because they keep Serena occupied forever!

A warm, but thin blanket would be wonderful. If there is no room in the bag, wrap your baby in it, and they won't even think twice about it! A pillow is a must also, so baby can sleep on your "bony" lap LOL! Or, make the blanket really big so part can be over baby and the rest can be folded under baby for padding.

Good luck and remember, if you are prepared, this should be a fun trip for you and baby!!!!!! If you are stressed, so will your LO be!!!!!!!!

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by on Dec. 17, 2008 at 11:56 AM

I just got back from a trip with my 1 year old. 


Strollers - bring it.  They check it underneath during the flight, but having it in the airport makes life so much easier for carrying bags and keeping your hands free.  And you don't have to hold the baby the whole time while juggling your carry-on, boarding pass, etc.  Well worth the effort of bringing it. 

Diaper bag - extra shirt/bra for you, extra outfit for the baby (or two) just in case of throw- up).  Diapers, toys, nose wipes, bottles - if you don't use a pacifier a little milk/formula in the bottle will make your daughter suck so she can pop her ears, wipes, antibacterial wet wipes, your wallet,

Special Request - ask for an empty seat next to you or to move to one where the other seat is empty - sitting next to someone when you have a baby to keep track of is a pain - having the seat next to you empty makes life so much easier even just to sit things on while you are adjusting yourself and the little one.


Most people on planes think babies are cute - even when she was yelling I had people telling me how well behaved she was. 

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by on Dec. 19, 2008 at 11:00 PM

Thank you all SOOO much! I got some great advise that I know I'll use! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! Thanks again!

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