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I survived 2 weeks on hospital bed rest... 2 down, 7-8 more to go.

Posted by on Sep. 28, 2010 at 11:15 AM
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We've made it two weeks as of tomorrow on hospital bedrest. We got Abbie to the 30 week mark. We are doing pretty good. Now we shoot for 31, then 32 and take stuff one day at a time. If I get to 36 weeks I can have my home birth, our issue isn't getting her out, our issue is keeping her in!!! LOL

She has finally turned from breech to head down... it probably caused my uterus to flare up and irritate it, so I'm having to take a couple shots here and there of turb when my contractions pick up to 3-5 minutes apart again and were just flirting with the edge of the danger zone right now trying to keep them under control that way.

I also didn't realize how stressed in the back of my head I was about her not being head down, I was so busy working on finding solutions to get her to flip, ice back, heating pads, music at my crotch, moxabustion (acupuntcure pressure points 2x a day with my husband) and getting ready to pay a chiropractor to come in to do webster technique when she finally flipped really relieved like 99% of the stress I had and wasn't really aware of how worried I actually was. I was so busy on trying to fix it, I didn't "worry" about it conciously.

Not having to worry about having to fight to get them to help me turn her if I went into labor, to avoid a c-section, to have a natural birth with her to give her the best chance of being responsive and so I can run down to the nicu with her immediately after birth instead of recovering from a surgery for hours before being allowed to go down with her.... took a lot of fear off me in regards to her being born early.

Now that she's head down, I am confident her delivery will be okay. I'd just prefer her to get to term. LOL

Doctors allowed my IV to be removed until we need it to give my arms a break and a chance to heal, I have bruises on both arms from fingers to elbow and holes and look like a pin cushion right now. When I showed him and pouted and begged him to let me have a couple days, he laughed and said we could probably do that... I pointed out if something goes wrong, you can always poke me again! LOL

antibiotic cycle is done. I am not a gestational diabetes patient at least, my sugar levels are great, even with the turb in my system making them look slightly higher on the test. (i also have a fast burning motabolism.)

I was allowed to take a bath yesterday, and that really helped me feel a lot better and take some stress out of me, I feel more like myself again and like I can continue to hammer away at each day.... Were doing okay, were getting through this, I'm surviving.

I'm not bored. In fact, its the opposite, There are so many people in here, all the time, that I barely have any privacy, time to myself, or time to focus on anything else that i'd rather do to distract myself. I dose off at the weirdest moments from lack of sleep and the meds. LOL - my issue is getting overwhelmed and having to restrain from chasing people off and telling them to get out of my room.

I don't mind friends and family or people I like, i WANT to talk to people i know, i don't like constant strangers cycling through my room. This is more social interaction in the last 2 weeks then the last 5 years.

I have such a boring, zen life at home, doing pretty much nothing 99% of the time, that this is WAY too much activity for me. Jake said he wouldn't last 10 minutes just sitting around like I do, but relaxation is the way I live my life. It takes me weeks to get bored and then 1 day of going out or activities etc gives me my fix for another few weeks.

My issue here was never a risk of being bored. My issue was always a risk of being overstimulated. The nurses are actually surprised at how well I adapted to just being "alone" and not able to do "anything". I pointed out, I have a laptop, thats all I need for endless amusement for weeks. I'm easily entertained. LOL

I am doing better now that I am getting to know the doctors and nurses and stuff but I do admit to getting mild anxiety attacks everytime I have to get to know a new nurse that I haven't had before. I just have a really hard time trusting new people and it takes a while to build a relationship with someone where they trust their patients word about their body too. It's hard to have nurses who are text book or rely more on their machines then listen to their patients, and most nurses once getting to know me, tend to listen to "me" rather then the machines... its hard to constantly train new nurses to my body especially if they are more inclined to believe machines over me at first.

One of these days, my contractions may just ignore the drugs. they really do have a pattern, and I keep telling the nurses my pattern. It roughly happens over about a 12 hour period from when it starts, to when they get 2-3 minutes apart.

It gets crampy for a few hours, then the contractions start getting closer together, then they get about 3-4 minutes apart, then they start coming 2 minutse apart with no break between them. back to back on top of each other and are so intense I feel like I am barely functional.

But, gotta tell you, natural contractions are nothing compred to going 9 1/2 centimeters (24ish hours worth) on pitocin with no drugs. LOL

At this point, I am pretty confident that i'll be a pro at practicing getting through these contractions by the time they are unable to stop my labor from happening, or if I go term and am allowed my home birth. LOL

I am still in the back of my head holding out for my homebirth, it gives me the strength to sit here and get through each day with some kind of optimistic goal. It most likely won't happen, but I can try to hold out for it.

I'm stubborn and determined, you'd be surprised at what sheer will power can accomplish. LOL

We hit 30 weeks at midnight tonight. The doctors will be a lot less worried once she's out of that micro-preemie range and into the 30+ week range. And frankly so will I. 30 weeks makes a big difference compared to 28.

Each day counts.

But 30 gave us a nice goal to work towards, and then we'll adjust to it week 31! LOL

Here's the weekly belly pics, obviously not up to my normal standards of pictures due to being in the hospital with limited photography equipment, but were working with what we have available to us, to keep up with the weekly belly pictures for Abbie's memory book.

Abbie's first teddy bear. I've been sleeping with it because the nicu told me too so when she's born she has something that smells like me to put into the thing with her, based on what gestational age she comes out. (if she's born at 34 or 35 weeks, She may not need more then a basinet while we work on her suck/swollow/breath reflex. I'm really holding out for 34/35 weeks if she has to be a preemie.) And, you can see her, and see my finally looking pregnant. I'm not "huge" for week 30 by any means, but its better then it was! LOL

A close up of my belly. No stretch marks, it's my second baby, I'm hoping i don't get too many in the last few weeks with her, but if I do, thats okay too. LOL I'm just so happy to be pregnant, and be staying pregnant at this point that she can kind of do whatever the heck she wants to my body, and its kosher as long as she stays inside. LOL

So excited that her turning FINALLY has pushed my belly out and made me look pregnant!

During a contraction before I laid back down from going to the bathroom, You can see the belly, it's still not "huge" for being 30 weeks, but her turning has finally made me look more pregnant! LOL

Feminine touch, strength and energy, this picture is my best friends hand. She hates being in pictures but we talked her into doing a couple like this for Abbie since she's been such a huge part of everything from day one and will be our children's "auntie" LOL  (She's really closer to me than any of my siblings are, she's chosen family.)

by on Sep. 28, 2010 at 11:15 AM
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