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breech baby

Posted by on Aug. 17, 2011 at 6:04 PM
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so I went to the hospital midwife clinic at 32 weeks they told me she was in birthing possition head down.

well I went back today I am 34 weeks pregnate but am on the beginning of my 35th week.  they told me she flipped and is now in breech possition.  they told me to not worry that she probably she probably just has a little more space to flip still.

they gave me exercises/ possitions to go into to encourage her to fip upside down again  and I am going to the chiropractor tommorrow for the hip ajustment they recomended to flip her.

I have to keep on doing this if she does not do this on her own they will have to manually flip her at 38 weeks.  this is when two doctors press down on the belly to flip the baby.

from what the midwife told me this is very painful.  so I am going to be doing the exersices everyday for 20 minutes at a time a day in hopes she will get the hang of it again.



Does anyone else have this problem or had this problem?

by on Aug. 17, 2011 at 6:04 PM
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by Mandy on Aug. 17, 2011 at 6:07 PM

I am in the same boat. 36 weeks and suddenly baby is head up. I have an appointment this Friday to see what my doctor says. I am hell bent on a natural delivery though so she better turn!

by on Aug. 17, 2011 at 6:10 PM

I am 34 weeks and going for an ultrasound tomorrow to check if baby is breech (Which we pretty sure he is). With my last baby he was breech until now and the doctor told me they would just go ahead and schedule a c section if the baby didn't get into position (which he eventually did). I am in Canada though so the health care system is probably a little different but she said in 20 years, she knows of only 2 women that manually flipping worked and that most of the time it resulted in going into labour quick/ c sections anyways.  I am sure I could have protested and said I wanted to try flipping first but with those odds I just prepared myself mentally for maybe having a c section:) 

by on Aug. 17, 2011 at 6:22 PM

I declined the manual flipping (ECV), by baby is transverse and I'm 36 weeks 5 days.  I have been doing exercises from to try and get her to turn.  But I just wasn't comfortable with ECV option, since it only works at best half the time, it's painful and there's a danger that it can put the baby in distress.  I have a good friend who has been a L&D nurse for 15 years and she told me that she wouldn't attempt it.  That helped to solidify my decision to not attempt it.

by on Aug. 17, 2011 at 6:48 PM

Sorry hun.  DD2 did this and she flipped back on her own when 3-4 days before I gave birth. GL!

by on Aug. 17, 2011 at 7:58 PM

My last son was breech, I had a c-section scheduled for 39 weeks and two days prior I had the worst what I thought were gas pains in the middle of the night for hours. Went in to get checked out the next day and he had flipped head down again. Ended up being induced at 40 weeks because doc thought he was gonna be big and he WOULD NOT drop into the birth canal, just kind of floated around in there. I lived far away from the hospital too so they didn't want him to flip back around and me go into labor. Anyways he was 9lbs 3oz so even the big babies can still flip around in there and get head down again, hoping yours will too!! ( I also declined having them turn the baby- heard too many negative things about it)

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