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Advice For a First-Time Mom

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Since sharing the news that we are expecting our first bundle of joy, we have received numerous snippets of "advice" from almost everyone that has found out.  The advice has started to consume a lot of our conversations with people and it actually has become quite interesting what some people have shared with us.  I know that pregnancy and especially delivery is a tough thing to go through.  Your body is doing the most amazing thing on this earth - nurturing, growing and aiding in the development of another human being.  The sheer thought of what is actually happening inside my body is mind boggling.  While trying to come to terms with these changes in my life and in my body, I realize that I now have more questions (and am equally more curious) than ever.

Over the years, I have asked many of my friends and family tons of questions while they were pregnant.  I am one that loves to listen to people stories and if I can take any lesson or useful snippet away from them - I feel I am better for it. The one problem with asking (or having so many people willingly "share") information is that you often get conflicting advice.  For example one person shared with us, "DO NOT read ‘What to Expect When You're Expecting'."  Another person was then quick to say, "Make sure you read ‘What to Expect When You're Expecting'!" Our gut (and curiosity) told us read it, so that was one of the first purchases we made when we found out I was expecting.

While all this advice is very information and useful - I am quick to remind myself that every woman is different AND every pregnancy is different.  I find myself praying that my delivery will be as easy as person A and hopefully not as bad as that person B. While we appreciate all of the advice given to us - I have to remind myself that my husband and I are going through this process together.  In the end, we have to do what WE feel is right for us. I know our experience and journey will be our own but it is helpful to know what little bumps to "expect" along the way.  This whole experience is magical and really wonderful and I am SO happy to be along for this ride.

If you could share anything at all about the pregnancy/motherhood/delivery with a first-time mom (me!): What is the one piece of advice you would provide?

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by on Oct. 2, 2012 at 12:00 AM
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by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 4:06 PM
Take every suggestion with a grain of salt and just go with your gut. It is your baby and your choice!
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by on Oct. 24, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Hi nicole!! Im a recent 20 year old mum of a beautiful daughter!!

in my culture once you give birth you go to your mums pace for 40days, to rest, get back in shape, and learn all bo how to care for your new baby!!!a tip i learnt, you will neeeeeeed all the rest and help you can get day and night!!!1BUT  the loking after of your baby YOU will have to do, i wasnt taught how to breastfeed by my mum or at the hospital, when my baby first cried at home, i instantly positioned her at my breast and at the first go she latched on properly.. and when she cried continuosly i buurst into tears not knowing what to do, i then held her up close to my hart and sang songs i sang when i was expecting her and it really helped hey!!!all im trying to say is no1 knows your baby better than you do, and only you know what to do for your baby thru trial and error, altho you might have carried her for 9months in your womb, shes alil stranger to you for the first few weeks of life as you get to know her an she gets to know her outisde world and mum too!!!so jus kick back, sit with your feet up while you pregnant and relax!!1mummyjob is 24/7 dear, and no1 can do it better than u can!!!s jus smile and take every day as it comes. . .dont try and picture the perfect life with the perfect baby, coz trust me life is full of surprises and so is your little one who is to enter the world as well :) so i wish you all the very best nicole,enjoy every moment and keep pictures of milestone ages!!!its a golden gift to cherish after theyre all grown up!!

hope i shed a lil light here :) hugs to you and the little one you are awaiting :)wink

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