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Pregnancy/Labor Differences - Tell Your Story!

Posted by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 12:26 PM
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 As a mother of two children, I've experienced a lot in my pregnancies! However, I've not experienced it all! Pregnancy differs from pregnancy to pregnancy and person to person! I love hearing the stories!

You do not have to read it, but here's mine! Share yours too!

Pregnancy One - I gained 40lbs when I was only suppose to gain 20-25lbs! I was constantly calling my doctor. I worked a full time job on graveyard, so that made me even more tired as I never adjusted to the graveyard shift that well. Not to mention, working 10pm-6am and then having to be back at work at 2pm-10pm some days, it was hard! I ALWAYS lost my dinner every night. Five minues of vomiting, and it was over! That only lasted until about month 4.  I pretty much slept all day except when I worked. Once I quit my job, I still slept ALL the time!! At the end of my pregnancy, I was retaining fluids and became preecyamptic (toxemia!) and they wanted to induce me! So, I went in that night!

Labor - I got to the hospital at about 12:30, they ask questions and so on. I got an IV, started my pitosin, and soon I was asking about pain management. They offered me an IV shot! Cool! Yeah, that thing sent me SOARING! I grabbed onto the handles on my bed to keep me calm because I really felt as if I was flying! I've never taken medicine like that before! Then, I'm pretty sure by 6-7 I was asking for the epidural because the shot no longer eased ANY pain. Dealing with all of this, and a mother in law who didn't know what SILENCE YOUR PHONE means, gets you a little irritated, however, I bit my tongue. Dialation was slow, and if I remember correctly at about 5PM on April 19, 2011 they told me that I was going to have to have a C-Section because the right side of my cervix wouldn't soften. I grabbed my fiance's arm and told him, make sure they check me one more time. They gave me the medicine for the C-Section and I was out. I was so doped up on the epidural and then whatever they gave me for the C-Section that I hardly recollect anything from there except for when he said 'Bend your knees and pull your legs up with your arms, take a deep breath, and push."I instantly thought, "Are you freaking serious!? You told me you were giving me a C-Section!? WHY AM I PUSHING!" Not even a second after he told me to push, he says, "We're going to try this naturally." And I bared down!! This was at about 6:07. I only pushed a few times, and I heard my little girl cry at 6:10.. and back to sleep I went. I couldn't help myself. After a little while, they brought her to me, but I didn't want to hold her because I was shaking so bad. My family passed her around, and I went to sleep. I had to be hooked up to Magnesius to get my BP down and I had pressure cuffs on my calves to keep blood moving through them so I wouldn't have seizures. Three days later, I went home! :)

Pregnancy Two - Easy. I didn't sleep nearly as much, but I also had a little girl to tend to! I got so sick for 2 weeks, and then no more morning sickness! I had some concerns, but not many and they were nothing. Again, my BP started to rise and I was hospitalized for monitoring a week before I wanted to be induced. Everything was fine, I went home. I went back to the doctor August 7, 2012 for a check up. At 10pm that night, I was at the hospital!

Labor - I was scheduled to be induced so I arrived at the hospital at 10pm the night before because I wasn't dialated much. They incerted cervidil to thin out my cervix and I slept. I started having bad contractions so again I recieved the IV shot at about 6AM, at 7AM I was asking for another but they refused. Turned out, I was dialted to 7.5! I was then calling my husband to come up there but he'd already left for work. However, he decided to stop in and check on me before he went to work! =D My mom (who I spoke to on the phone since my husband wasn't there) left at that point to head up to the hospital which was only 5 minutes away! By time they FINALLY got the anasthesiologist in there I was in agonizing pain and screamed from each contraction. They numbed me, tried to do the epidural, mind you I was in the middle of a contraction, and the lady missed and it made my left leg jerk in reflex! They told me to be still, and I told her, I didnt have control, it was from her hitting something. They ignored me. Spinal fluid leaked (VERY minute amount) and they tried again and this time got it, and I literally felt a bubbly feeling in my neck, and then my head was in SEVERE pain (spinal headache!) so they layed me down to balance out the spinal fluid and it went away. It was about 8:35 when they finally got the epidural finished. They only gave me one shot of medicine afraid I would go into respiratory arrest, but I was numb in my stomach but not down stairs! I felt the urge to push. Oh no.. was my only thought. I told my doctor, I need to push, I can't help it! She said push! I was scared to fully push because I could feel it, but I pushed and at 8:48AM on August 8, 2012 our son was born! Happily, I was able to walk about 30 minutes after his birth because my legs weren't numb from the epidural! Within 3 days, I went home! I had some issues with my back for a few weeks from where they hit a bad spot, but nothing severe, and it all went away!

If anyone actually reads all of this! Good for you! Those are my stories!


by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 12:26 PM
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by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 12:36 PM
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My first child i was in labor 16 hours. I went to use the bathroom 5 in the morning as soon as i pulled up my shorts, my water bag broke. My grandmother took me to the hospital my blood pressure went up during labor i had an epidural as well. Eventually when it came time to push i didn't have the urge because of the epidural so they had to use the vaccum cause his heart rate was dropping he came out i tore from end to end. After my blood pressure was still high for a while.
by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 12:37 PM
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I'm 33w with my second, so I don't have any labor stories to compare yet, but this pregnancy is by far the polar opposite than with my first.

DD1 I was sick the entire time and still gained 50 pounds.  DD2 I've rarely been sick and have gained 19 pounds as of 32 weeks, but I'm carrying bigger this time and definitely more uncomfortable.

by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 12:38 PM

 Oh wow! That's never fun! Was your baby alright? Was your recovery hard?

by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 12:40 PM

 You sure haven't gained much weight at all your second time! I still managed to gain 40lbs my second pregnancy! But I lost it within the first 6 weeks where with my first I lost it within 2.

by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 12:55 PM
Great stories! Do you still have any back issues from the epi?

My little guy came 2 days before his due date, I had gained 25lbs at delivery. I had worked the day before (retail) and had sporadic contractions all day, but honestly didn't think much of it. Later that night DH and I had some "fun time". I went to the bathroom afterwards and noticed what I thought to be part of the plug. I went to bed.

Around 3am I woke up with contractions and decided to time them, they were about 12 min apart. DH said he would take a shower and then we should leave. I hesitated, I thought we could have waited a little longer (we could have....). We got to the hospital around 4:30am. I finally got to a labor room and around 6cm dilated I opted for an epidural (dumb idea). My contractions stopped completely.
After no contractions for a while they broke my water and when that didn't help, they gave me pitocin. That seemed to do the trick and after 2 hours of pushing, DS was born @ 3:15pm.

I know what you mean about the epi not numbing the lady bits though, it only numbs your abdomen to soften the contractions, but they want you to be able to push properly so I guess they modified it, this was 3 years ago.

I'm due in December with our 2nd son. I will be going without the epidural this time.
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by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 1:05 PM

 scperdomo - No. I have no issues with my back from the epi. My first pregnancy I was numb. I couldn't feel a thing! The only way I knew I was pushing was from the blood pooling in my face! Haha. I should have just gone without the epi my second time! I was already so dialated, and it already hurt, so I should have just sucked it up and finished! Haha. I didn't realize it was going to take an hour and a half to get the epidural though! Oh well! That's in the past! I have both my babies now!

Congratulations on your soon to be!! I want another one already, and my son is only 2 months old. But I don't want another one this close! Mine are 16 months apart. It's how we wanted it, and it's all I want, for now..

by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 1:50 PM

I have all girls.

DD1: Pregnancy- Everything was smooth and complication free, morning sickness all 9 months (on "schedule") and slept GREAT!

Labor- Was induced at 40w 2d she was born 16h 55m after start of cervidil at 40w 3d. Had some complications due to the induction/pitocin but, in the end, all was well and she was 7lbs 12ozs 19"

DD2: Pregnancy- Lots of complications, lots of hospital time, lots of "early" labor scares. Morning sickness was all during 2nd trimester and I slept horrible.  

Labor- Ended up giving birth exactly 2wks late and labor lasted 6h (from the time they broke my water since I had been having irregular contractions for 20 some odd hours-to birth) and she weighed 7lbs 7ozs-19".

DD3: Pregnancy- Everything went great, no morning sickness (only threw up once cause I ate something bad), just some slight nausea in the beginning. Only complication came from pre-e.

Labor-Had some complications due to pre-e as well as merconium but in the end she was healthy. Labor lasted aprox 4hrs and she was born 5 days early weighing 6lbs 10ozs-19"

DD4: Pregnancy-extremely smooth and complication free. Extreme nausea during first and 3rd tri but no actual throwing up. 

Labor-Everything went smooth, went into labor on my own, lasted aprox 9hrs and she was born perfectly healthy the day after her due date and she was 6lbs 13ozs-18"

by on Oct. 12, 2012 at 2:50 PM
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First Labor/Delivery: Day

Second Labor/Delivery: Night


The pregnancies were almost exactly the same, but everything else was as different as............well, you know. lol


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