baby playing drumsThere is inspiration everywhere when choosing a name for your baby. And if you wanted a name that possessed strength and coolness, look no further than this list of female rock stars who are also moms. Rock stars have the best names.

Of course, Gwen and Lita are on the list, but Stevie is there, too (she's a stepmom). Plus several other beautifulbaby girl names that may end up inspiring your little sweetie to play drums someday.

  1. Lita
  2. Stevie
  3. Cherie
  4. Exene 
  5. Kim
  6. Patti
  7. Cher
  8. Gwen
  9. Jewel
  10. Alanis
  11. Sheryl
  12. Corin
  13. Liz
  14. Grace
  15. Kimya
  16. Courtney
  17. Chrissie
  18. Tori
  19. Bjork
  20. Edie
  21. Brody
  22. Ani
  23. Melissa
  24. Nina
  25. Kay
  26. Susanna
  27. Theo
  28. Annie
  29. Terri
  30. Adele

Which rock star mom name is your favorite?


Image via Anathea Utley/Flickr