baby boy What do you think of parents who let the Internet name their baby? Think they're idiots who just want a little fame? Hold that thought. Because a couple asking the Internet to help name their soon-to-be-born son is turning the whole trend on its ear. Sure, Google employee Jason Morrison and his wifeare going to let the Internet weigh in on what's usually a parental decision. But they've decided to make a real difference for kids in this world.

That's why each name vote will be worth a $1 donation to Save the Children to fund polio vaccinations for children in need.

The excited mom-to-be happens to be a nurse practitioner, hence the focus on child health, while dad works at Google and used a Google form before to solicit help from the Internet to name their daughter, Athena.

The couple has even gone the smart road of providing a list of NORMAL baby names to vote on -- although they do provide an "other" category -- to limit the expected Internet insanity.

Pretty nifty, huh?

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Granted, not everyone has the funds to actually do something like this, especially when they're expecting a baby. Morrison is taking advantage of Google's employee matching program to come up with all the money for the charity, and they've pledged to donate up to $14,000.

But bringing life into this world does tend to make us all think about the fates of kids the world over. And it behooves us to lend a hand when we can, where we hand, to give other kids the advantages we can give our own. After all, isn't that what we'd hope other parents would do for our kids?

Do you have a special pet charity now that you have kids?


Image via Kelly Roselle/Flickr