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Posted by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 10:13 PM
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Angelina will be 3 on April the 25th. She was a good 2 year old, until October 2009.

My mom said it’s because of every thing that the kids have gone though this past year. We have a two family house. My family, me my husband and 2 kids live down stairs. My mom and dad on top floor. October 27th they lost their Poppop, my dad. After 16 years of marriage I kicked my husband out on November 28th, due to the alcohol abuse. I have done everything to get him to help himself. I had to stand up for my kids thou . December 23rd they lost their Aunt Cookie ,on my husbands side, and I’m close to his family. His sister became my best friend before I even meet him.

For my dad’s funeral my sister came up from Virginia. She came with her middle and youngest sons, and the middle son’s daughter and son. His son is 3 and doesn’t listen. They were here for a week. And that week was the worst.

So ever since October she is so bad. Not listening, taking back, fighting to take naps or going to bed and cleaning up her toys. She climbs out of her crib. I can’t stop her so I put the side down because I’m scared she is going to fall if the sides are too high, she loves to climb. She knows she is doing bad cause she hides when I call her. I find her right before she gets into make up, butt cream or anything she can find.

I am so stressed because she will not listen I have tried everything but she still wont listen to me. Does anyone have ideas I can use? Please I will try anything to solve her bad behavior. Thanks for reading my post and for any advice given.

by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 10:13 PM
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by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 10:15 PM

I don't know, just give her lots of love? Here's a Bump for you.

by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 10:27 PM

i had that problems with my girl  when  she was 2 you need to give her time out  a min it for each year is what thay told me and spend  more fun time with her

by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 10:29 PM

I would suggest more one on one time with her.  Her world has been rocked and she is just acting out to try to figure it out and find consistency again.  You need to be consistent with your discipline and with a daily routine.  If you don't have one yet, make one and do the same thing at the same time EVERY day.  Move her to a toddler bed with a side rail so she won't fall out while sleeping but she can get in and out more safely than with the crib.  Many of her actions would be met with a spanking in my house especially after having already discussed them and their inappropriateness.  If you are not in favor of spanking as discipline, timeouts or loss of priviledges could work but it has to be the same thing EVERY time no exceptions!  Warning followed by discipline followed by apology and explanation of why what she did was wrong.  Consistency is going to be key though and it is going to take time.  I might also suggest a child psychologist to help her sort through and describe her feelings... she has lost a lot lately and needs to be able to express those really big feelings she is having.  Also, talking to her about what has happened may help.  Good luck and I am so sorry for your recent losses!

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by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 10:39 PM

Hmm...I find that my toddler is a bigger brat when hes looking for attention. And omg does he know how to get it!  I know that they call them the terrible two's but they seem to last way past that age!   Good Luck!   

by on Jan. 18, 2010 at 10:44 PM

 Wow.  Considering your back story, my guess is that your little girl is just very angry.

I'd try to get on her level and see what puts her in a good mood.  When does she respond?  What sorts of things keep her attention for more than a few minutes?  Once I figured that out, we'd be doing it a lot.

When she'd misbehave, we'd stop doing whatever's fun and take a time out.  At the end of the time out, I have her say she's sorry and give me a hug.  Then we'd move on.

I believe this is something that would take time, but requires a gentle heart.  The biggest ticket in my opinion is in consistency.  If you think about it, her world just went through a huge upheaval.  She's looking at it like, well now I can't count on anything!

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