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how can i get my 2 yr to leave and forget the pacifer and potty train her i need help so bad with this!!!!!!

Posted by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 7:21 PM
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how can i make my 2 yr old leave the pacifer she always wants it i am trying everything not giving her any even if she ask me for i dont but then she throws a tamtrum if i dont and  cry and cry and cry like crazy til she gets one any advice on this? and i am trying to potty train her i sit her in the toilet and she will when she wants to sometimes she will go and sometimes she wont she will go on her pull up she will tell me poppie but a lil bit to late she went in her pull up any advice in this to? thank you =)

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by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 7:21 PM
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by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 7:28 PM

My DD never had a pacifier so I can't help you there. PT has been a long process for us but I think she is finally getting it. We are on day 3 of no accidents!  We set a timer for 30 minutes the first day. Every time it went off we dropped everything and went to the bathroom. Next day was 60 minutes. We even went out in public and still no accidents. So here we are on day 3 doing 90 minutes and STILL no accidents. Even if she doesn't pee we give praise for trying. She will go when she is ready. Good luck!

by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 7:59 PM

Can you send the pacifiers to "other kids"? Honestly, I would not force the issue, but perhaps slowly wean. Start by taking it away say when you are out of the house in the mornings.

As for potty training, I agree with the timer. This is a great way to train. Give rewards, as well.

by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 8:04 PM

i dont have ne advice on the passie.. my son was easy we just took it and never looked back but he was off the passie at like 6 mo..and off the bottle b4 1yr.. the potty training thng we are working rite now on.. and hes doing pretty good he had a harder time learning pooping then peeing but he is getting better.. he has diahreeah today so it made it really hard w/ the pooping cuz he culdnt hold it..

by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 10:29 PM

i did the pacifer fairy with Jimmy ...and he was off the paci at 1 years old . all i did was me & him grabbed all his pacifers , put them in a bag & i told him that the pacifer fairy was coming tonight to pick up all the pacis in the neighborhood  & that every child that gave her the pacis would get a gift we get them together & put them in the mailbox ...that night was hard cuz he wanted it , but we got through it with his teddy . well that night when he finally went to sleep my husband went to the store & bought some hot wheels ( the gift) while he did that i decorated the mailbox with blue shimmery streamers , so Jimmy wakes up in the morning & i told him lets check to see if the fairy came by ...we get to the mailbox & he saw all the streamers & he was excited cuz he already knew lol , so we open the mailbox & he pulled out a little gift bag & saw 6 hotwheels ..he was so happy ....& he totally forgot about those pacis ...not gonna lie some nights were hard , but i told him u gave them to the fairy & she brought u a gift cuz u are such a big boy ..ever since then he plays with his upper lip with his fingers i guess for security....oh & i did the 3 day potty method & he was trained in 2 days ( well pooping part took 6 months) but every kid is different , let me know if u want a copy

by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 10:50 PM

When Elizabeth was gettin off the binky, i tried cold turkey, gradualy, tried cutting it..none of it worked, so i had a little plastic "S" hook hanging in her crib with the binky on it, she could ONLY have her binky IN bed, at home, if we slept somewhere else, she didnt get it, and if she wanted it during the day, i put her right in her crib when she had a trantrum, ...this way, she could have it, but only in her crib, Every time i went to get her out of bed in the AM she spit it right out, after a while of that, id take it away at night, (she was only using it to fall asleep, not to suck on all night) did take about a month but, she no longer asks for it. Don't DON'T DONTTT GIVE IN!!

For potty training, I put her on the potty every half hour, if and when she did go I made a HUGE deal about it, after she got the hang of what she was sopost to do, I let her play outside one day in regular underware, when she pee'd she got soaked, she HATED the feeling, ..i did that 2 times, and she learned real quick when to go, we have some finishing touches to do but, its coming along well.

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by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 10:53 PM

I dont have a lot of suggestions. My daughter is 3 and still has a passy. As for potty training all i did was tell her i was out of diapers and they didnt make them big enough for her anymore so she had to potty and wear panties. She had two accidents and that was it

I do not suggest trying to do both at the same time though. It could be to hard on her.

by on Sep. 1, 2010 at 2:40 AM

None of my kids took binks by my sister had a toddler on a bink.  She had him give up the "baby bink" when he left his "baby crib" for a "big boy bed."  He was very attached but was all for it when he got to have a big boy bed.  I've also heard a lot of things like giving them to other kids, the binkie fairy..good positive ways for your child to choose to give them up.  I have also heard of cold turkey.  That you just deal through the tantrums and they will die down then go away all together.

I also wouldn't do the bink and potty at the same time.  

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by on Sep. 1, 2010 at 9:42 AM

It's a lot for your two year old to take on board in one go -  and you too! - can you potty train first and then a bit later tackle the pacifier? They are two of the biggest milestones in a toddler's life. Potty training - we used to use M & Ms - one for a wee, two for a poo. Lots of praise, ignore the accidents "not to worry, next time we can make the potty". It might also be an idea to ditch the pull-ups. I know it sounds drastic but it does give mixed messages - use the potty or keep doing it in your pull-up. She is a big girl now, pants are different, "what a big girl you are out of nappies" that kind of thing. Your daughter may also catch-on quicker after a few accidents in her knickers as the feeling is different.  My friend gave me some advice when we potty trained our first - buy lots of really cheap pants - if they poo in them just throw them away "life's too short to be cleaning poo out of pants" and let's face it, potty training can be tricky enough without making yourself miserable into the bargain. And poo-ey pants are never quite the same... (although I wouldn't tell your daughter they are disposable, too like nappies!). Pacifier - have you been for a friendly fun outing to the dentist? We went to the dentist when my son was two and a half just to start him getting used to going whilst he's still young. I was shocked when the dentist explained how pacifiers change the shape of the jaw developing - it's not so much the teeth, the whole jaw. He talked to my son about it in a nice way, gave him some stickers and off we went. We went round the whole house and put the pacifiers in a bin bag, he got some candy for every one he found (bad for the teeth I know but it did help!). Then we took the bag outside and put it in the trash. He saw me do it, he knew they couldn't come back. He murmured about it for a day or so, but every time I said really sweetly "I know Sam, it's hard but remember what the dentist said, they are bad for your mouth, mummy didn't know that" and found some diversion. He actually was fine. Sometimes kids do better when you explain things to them. Good luck, you will get through it.

by on Sep. 1, 2010 at 10:29 AM
I am in a parenting ur toddler class and the teacher gave me some good advice. She said to cut a small hole in all the paci's. What that does is causes it to lose its suction so the kid eventually doesn't want it anymore. She weens herself off it. Mine are still in diapers. My friend did lend me a book called potty training in 1 day. You should look into it. the day u choose u have potty party the first half u teach a doll to pee she helps the 2nd half she goes potty. Good luck
by on Sep. 1, 2010 at 10:32 AM

 Cut the nipple off and just give her the hard plastic part and tell her its broken. It took 2 days of my dd being sad but it was gone. Tough love mama.

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