Mom of a brand new baby girl!
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    • Arabella Arabella 9 years old
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    I am a 24 year old first time soon to be mommy whose 1st wedding anniversary is coming up in August. I am fairly new to Cafe Mom and am looking for other moms to talk to talk to about pregnancy and get advice especially once the baby is here. If you would like to be my friend just send me an invite or a message. Good Luck to everybody who is pregnant and bless all those little children out there and of course their mommies!

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    Tfor2 wrote at 9:31 AM on Apr. 12 , 2011


    Thought you would enjoy a fun, active and supportive group of moms! If your LO was born in July 2008 through January 2009, check out Fall 2008 babies: http://www.cafemom.com/group/31420

    princessmomx2 wrote at 2:16 PM on Jul. 14 , 2009


    Stopping by on my scavenger hunts. Have a great day!

    Julianas.mommy wrote at 1:35 PM on Jul. 12 , 2009


    Thanx for adding me :] Hopefully we can meet up when I move there next month. Your baby is gorgeous:] My baby is 10 months and her name is Juliana Jane :] What's your baby girls name?

    dfwexchange wrote at 7:18 PM on Apr. 12 , 2009


    Mesquite, TX here..Stopping in to say hello and get a state. Thank you for that! Come by and see me sometime.

    kerryliz wrote at 5:56 PM on Feb. 9 , 2009


    Gilderoy Lockhardt thinks that your smile is wonderful, and his was voted best by Witch Weekly, you know! Happy Valentines!!! Kerry - Ravie sis

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