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    I'm 23 and I have 2 beautiful miracle babies. I was hit by a car while 4 months pregnant with my daughter. She has a variety of health issues and a genetic disorder. She's bright and super funny! I love her smile, laugh and happy dance :) My son like his sister had to battle to live. His father sent me into contractions at 5 months from stress by 7 months I started diolating. Little monster broke my water just hours before his due date. I knew something was wrong within an hour of them inducing me. The nurse said it was to early to push but said 5 minutes later I was ready and called for emergency help when she realized his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. He's very bright and loves his sister in ridiculous amounts. I love his smile, broken laugh/squel and happy jumps. I am crafty and enjoy cooking and handy work. I sell thing online and eventually hope to sell things I make! I don't tolerate racism or hate towards special needs. I also may make grammatical errors (especially on this "smart" phone) but I get annoyed by those who don't spell past elementary school levels when the can. I'll think of more to add later :)
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