Grandmother of 1 autistic 6 year old wonder boy! Two daughters, also to my credit!
Location: Idaho
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"My little toe hurts like heck, someone's little anget ran over it w/ a shopping cart. Ouch!"
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      I am the loyal Gramma of an 8 year old autistic boy.  (I always tell that first!)

    Beyond that, I have been employed in retail, owned my own retail store, worked in a bakery, (oh, drudgery)..Been a customerservice rep for DTV.  Loved that job, until politics, and new owners came on board.  Then I was a prison guard at the Boise Men's state prison...(by far the most interesting job I've ever had!)  I retired from there, & while retired, I worked the last two and a half years for CASA.  I recently resigned from that position, due to personal circumstances.  I love to chat, shop, paint, garden, and dis with the girls!bouncing

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