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"car got vandalized. fml. WHY ? why... that's all i want to know. why?"
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    I'm an alternative mommy! I'm a tattooed, trouble making, cosmetologist. I believe in the "think for yourself, question authority" mantra. I'm also a pagan parent, and am raising my child in the ways of old. I believe in natural child birth, breastfeeding, and flip-flops. Mostly that last one. :)

    I'm half granola, half cyber tech. It balances itself out somehow.

    I like pancakes, pizza, and swimming. I lived in Florida for 11 years and I HATED IT. I live in SE Michigan now, because I love it here. It's the most beautiful display of urban decay.

    Pregnant with baby #2. I HATE pregnancy. all the stuff after it is amazing... even the bad parts. But pregnancy? SUCKS.

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    • Girl Rydia 5 years old
    • Myles Myles 8 years old

      little man isn't so little...

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