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    My Daughter-Possible Outcast?

    by CoolMommy86 posted at 12:07 AM on Feb. 20 , 2010


    My Mundane Life

    by CoolMommy86 posted at 11:40 AM on Jun. 25 , 2009

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    Wow, I never thought life would get any crazier! But boy, was I wrong! Looking at that pregnancy test in my hand while locked inside the bathroom for what seemed like an eternity, my knees were shaking so badly I could barely stand. Then I heard my boyfriend (now my husband; thanks to my crazy parents and a "shotgun wedding"), knock at the door. He took one look at my face, and I started crying and laughing all at the same time. We couldn't stop laughing because it was so insane! We were barely 20 years old and we were gonna have a baby! For a while things were good. We were living with his mother in a separate part of the house (his room mainly) and she rarely bothered us. We had family dinners, decent outings to our favorite diner, and our daily morning routine of coffee from Dunkin Donuts. How I would come to miss all that in a matter of a few months. My parents being religous Hindus and his family being more liberal in matters of faith, we were torn on the idea of getting married just because we were having a baby. Since being backed into a corner never really was our strong point, we had to get married. Of course, there was a catch. A HUGE price to pay with our sanity and dignity as newlyweds and a soon to be new family. We had to live with my parents. All the blissful days of being on our own, doing what we wanted, was now being taken away and we were being choked trying to be ourselves in this damn house. We've had our hard times, and are continuing to struggle to find a place of our own. But that isn't to say that we don't love each other and our beautiful daughter. We love each other to death. And hopefully all of this will only make us stronger. Together as a family, closing our ears to the rest of the world, we will pull hard and succeed.

    On a SIDE NOTE: I am 20 years old, have one daughter, I'm looking for young mommies like me within the area (it's okay if you're a few miles away though) to hangout with. I can't remember the last time I was out with a girlfriend! I enjoy shopping/window shopping (what girl doesn't?), listening to all types of music (except techno/pop and country...rap's okay but it has to be some deep poetry-type shit for me to like it..not "shake your ass and look at my *bling bling*" although I can't resist it when I'm at a dance club!), I also like doing random crazy things like hopping over a fence while cutting study hall (again) for no reason but to get to the other side! LOL! I don't think I have the stamina for that anymore...but I do enjoy those weekend parties...there haven't been many since baby. I love to go out and eat. I like trying new foods, but my favorite is Italian. Take me to the Olive Garden and you'll be my best friend forever!

    I'm a little kooky at times, love to laugh, kinda sarcastic (the good kind anyway), got a good sense of humor and like to watch horror/comedy movies...Not really the chick flick type unless it's got a not-so cliche plot (think love in a parallel universe/different lifetime but then you realize the person you were in love with has been dead for years! I don't know if there is a movie out there like that, but if you find it WE HAVE TO WATCH IT TOGETHER!!!)

    Man, my hand is hurting from all this typing...I think I've summed myself up pretty good! If you have any other questions or would like to meet with me (I would like that too...ahh...the outside world!) send me a message!

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