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"Today.. What is more important to you than Fellowshipping with Your Lord??"
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    I am who I am my opinions are mine and mine alone if you don't like it well to bad!

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    I believe the King James 1611 "Authorized Version" Bible to be the perfect and infallible word of God.

    I believe the King James Bible to be the inherent, infallible, inspired, preserved Word of God. The KJB translators, out of the original sacred tongues, together with comparing many worthy men who went before them have given us one more exact translation of the Holy Scriptures into the English tongue and for this the Church is forever grateful.

    I believe that salvation is by grace through faith in the blood and finished atonement of Jesus Christ who died on Calvary, was buried, whose soul descended into hell, resurrected on the third day, and is alive for evermore having conquered death and hell.

    I believe that believers should be immersed in water after being saved. Such believer's baptism is an ordinance but is not a means of grace.

    I believe in a pre-millennial translation or rapture of the Church.

    I believe the miracle signs and gifts to belong primarily to Israel, dispensationally speaking, and that these signs as practiced by the Charismatics and Apostolics are exercised mainly in the flesh, are most often fraudulent, and sometimes demonic and devilish in nature.

    I believe that a depraved and sinful nature and a naturally dead spirit does not hinder a man from being a free moral agent who is capable and expected by God to will and believe and respond to the admonitions of the Gospel. Men are free to reject God's graciousness in providing a free salvation. Further, Jesus Christ died for "all" without exception, and that he by the grace of God tasted death for every man.

    I believe that we are not under the law, but under grace; however the law still has its place in the day of grace. The law is just, holy, and good if a man use it lawfully; for by the law is the knowledge of sin, and sin is the transgression of the law. The law must be preached to bring guilt and conviction to a lost man. The law is our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ. The law is perfect converting the soul. It is the law that declares the holiness of God and the depravity of man, showing man his need to repent and be saved.

    I believe a man is secured in his salvation eternally and unconditionally at the moment he believes, because Jesus Christ obtained eternal redemption for us. This condition is secured by the numerous irreversible works of God and the Holy Ghost.

    I believe that the saints should be separate from the world as pilgrims and sojourners that the world is evil in its nature and that Satan, as the god of this world, is its primary god and governor.

    I believe in the active and vigorous pursuit of lost sinners by street preaching, tract distribution, door-to-door witnessing and any other reasonable and appropriate methods of sowing the seed of the word of God.

    I believe the Trinitarian doctrine of the Godhead and therefore believe Jesus Christ not only to be the Son of God but also God Himself, the image of God, God manifest in the flesh. We also find abundant evidence that the Holy Ghost as both God's and Christ's Spirit is Himself God, as well.

    I believe in a literal judgment for all men. Both saved and lost shall be judged after death. The saved shall stand before the judgment seat of Christ where only believers shall be judged according to their works and may suffer loss of rewards. The lost shall stand before the Great White Throne of Judgment where they will also be judged according to their works but shall suffer God's eternal wrath for rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

    I believe in a literal, hot and burning Hell and future Lake of Fire where Christ rejecters shall spend eternity.

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    Jannie2258 wrote at 6:11 PM on Mar. 4 , 2018


    OOPS! I meant that part for another gal; sorry! Trying to get into Dazed By Siggies, which is one they don't advertise; but one of the owners of the group accepted my friend invite recently and she has the siggie on her pg that advertises it...sorry

    Jannie2258 wrote at 2:44 PM on Mar. 4 , 2018


    Hi, Tonia! Thanks for accepting my friend invite! I wish I could guarantee that I could visit the siggie group once a week, because I'd love to sign up again. My plan is to get my own internet in a few months when my bills are paid up. Do u think I could get back in then? Hope so...I love your page!

    no1coachmom wrote at 12:35 PM on Jan. 31 , 2018


    Good Morning:
    Hello & Happy Wednesday.
    Have a wonderful day.

    ScrapzNStuff wrote at 1:11 AM on Oct. 19 , 2017


    Scraps N Stuff, a chat and resource group, has had format a change! We now are offering Corel PSP, GIMP and Paint.Net tutorials, have updated our designer’s supplies, added a Community Support, a Gaming Room, and added challenges for our ladies to enjoy. We will be adding more forums and posts that reflect our changed format in the near future as well. Can you see yourself here? Join us at

    Angels_on_Guard wrote at 11:08 AM on Oct. 11 , 2016


    Hello my sister!!
    Thought i'd stop in and say Shalom,haven't seen you in forever.
    Hope all is well on your side of town.
    Love & Blessings!!

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