Mom to 2 beautiful kids & 3 lovely angels!!!!!
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  • ~Gives A Whole New Meaning To,"Keep Your Mouth Shut!"~

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  • ~She Never Listens So Now She Will Pay!!!!!~

  • ~Sawwwwww!!! Save Yourself!!!!~


  • ~Pay Close Attention To WHAT Your Watching On Tv!!!!!!!!!~


  • ~Freddys Coming For You!!!!!!!!!!!~



  • ~Bates Motel Shower At Your Own Risk!!!!!~


  • ~Your Not Afraid Of Clowns, Right?!!!!!~



  • ~Everyone Loves Jason!!!!~ Friday The 13th!!!!!


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  • ~Even puppies have lists for Santa Claus :) ~



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  • ~Scrrrrrrrrreammmmmmmmmm!!!! It's Halloweeeeeeeeennnn!!!!!!

  • ~It's Halloween, I've Been Waiting For You!!!~

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  • ~It's Halloween! Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!!!!!!~


  • ~Scary Scary Pumpkin Head!!!!~

  • ~I Can See Everything That Goes On Around Me!~

  • ~Bite Me!!!!~ Hopefully It's Edward!!!! LOL

  • ~I Go Bump In The Night!!!!!~

  • ~Its Halloween, Fear The Dark!!!!!!~


  • ~Violaters Must Answer To Mother!!!!~


  • ~Remember, Mother Loooooves You!!!!!!!~ Eck! lol

  • ~What's In The Window?????!!!!~

  • ~Crazy Clowns~



  • ~Ughhhhhhhh!!!!!~

  • ~Night Creature!!!!!~


  • ~We Will Never Forget Our POWs And Their Safe Return!!!!~

  • ~Happy Halloween!!!~

  • ~Soul Less Eyes!!!~

  • ~Not Such A Sweet Little Girl!!!!~

  • ~One Very Haunted House!!!!~

  • ~Michael Myers Halloween!!!!~






  • ~All Alone On Halloween, Not Such A Good Thing!~

  • ~Jeepers Creepers!!!~

  • ~Pure Evil!~


  • ~I LOVE Scary Movies!!!! Do You????~~~

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    kim0167 wrote at 6:49 PM on Jan. 22 , 2012


    stopped by to say hi. hope all is well. my daughter loves your page and said you should be her friend. she is into scary movies too. drop by my page .

    Emily197 wrote at 10:22 AM on Mar. 8 , 2011


    dropping in to say hi and see how you have been

    mamaziller wrote at 9:49 AM on Feb. 12 , 2011


    Siggy Central is a creative group for any kind of perspective on creativity. We make siggies, have forums for art, poetry, writing, etc. You can come here to be completely accepted. Come here to meet moms just like you to make friends, get support or advice, request siggies, or learn to make your own siggies or siggies for your new friends............ click on this link...

    MrsBLB wrote at 5:50 PM on Oct. 28 , 2010


    It's PARTY TIME on the Moms with Teens group!
    Join the HALLOWEEN FUN and WIN some PRIZES!
    Hope to see you there!!

    crazilady wrote at 10:43 AM on May. 6 , 2010


    Super Moms are uniting!
    They're all taking a break from saving the day and relaxing the CafeMom Super Mother's Day Party.
    Make sure all of your Super Mom friends know to come and join the party by passing this message along!

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