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    NativeMommy14 wrote at 9:55 PM on Aug. 15 , 2014


    I guess people are right. We didn't know what we were doing, When we got married So young. This fighting, Arguing thing is getting to be more and more Frequent As days go by.

    NativeMommy14 wrote at 9:52 PM on Aug. 15 , 2014


    I don't get this whole thing anymore, I'm at rock bottom right now. I'm honestly lost as can me in this whole thing.... The Dh left walked off all mad.. I don't know what to think, I think he might of went to drink, I can't believe the way my life turned out to be... I use to think Me and Dh could make it, But now i don't know the sun don't look so bright anymore...

    NativeMommy14 wrote at 9:47 PM on Aug. 15 , 2014


    Hey they are doing good. As for me I don't know, Life right now is a BIG roller coaster, And I'm tired of being on it, Got in another argument with the DH today. I'm just lost It's okay for him to call me names, But when i do it it's the end of the world...

    NativeMommy14 wrote at 1:58 AM on Aug. 12 , 2014


    Today was a good day. He kept both the babies and i took the 2 year old to the pool it felt good to get out. But I couldn't really in joy myself i was to worried about the baby lol

    NativeMommy14 wrote at 1:57 AM on Aug. 12 , 2014


    Aww I'm sorry to hear that. But I'm glad your doing better. And yeah they do But your right they are worth it... I love my little one's to the moon and back.. I'm doing good, Tired lol I wish i could just sleep but seems like when i do I barely close my eyes and the babys ready to eat.. But I'm glad Dh helps out with the 2 year old and 10 month old a lot during the day.


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    Hi my name is Daykwa but I go by Debra or Debbie as well. I was given the name Daykwa by the elders of my tribe when I was 2 days old, my given name by my parents is Debra, I have gone by all 3 but I perfer Daykwa in my Paranormal group and Debbie in my Grandmas group, it is the name they know me by. I am 55 and have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren, I am married to my soul mate of 33 years. I am disabled due to an accident where I lost my foot, it was reattached but has not worked right since, 3 surgeries has not helped, I just gave it to God to do with me as he will, I am blessed to still be able to walk with the help of a cane. I am originally from New Mexico but have lived in Georgia now for the past 25 years. I L♥VE THE S♥UTH!!

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