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    Most of you know me as a mom of 3, sometimes 4 yes i'm married and sometimes consider my husband my 4th child. LOL Don't we all. Ok if I were to write an about me it would take me days, pages, and I don't think you have the time so I am going to list my highlights, what makes me ME!

    1. I have Panic/Anxiety disorder, I am beating it and with out meds. Ok I take a relaxant, but it is quite wimpy dose. 

    2. I am a fighter on or about all things. If I believe in something I will get educated, and I will learn. My 15 yr old daughter has Autism and her whole life I have educated myself on her diagnosis and no it doesn't stop at just autism. I also have had to fight like the dickens to get her through school. 

    3. I have been married 1 yr on March the 21. I still am trying to get my wedding pics. Can you believe that.. anyway long story for another time. 

    4. I have 3 kids and my 2 oldest are from previous marriage. Slowly and surely we make it work. It's hard work being a family and married. Just think if it weren't. 

    5. I am a very caring person, I love to help others sometimes a little much. I will go out of my way at times just because that's how I was raised. 

    6. Most days I feel old. I'm 35 yrs old and have told others that since the age of 26 I feel like I am stuck at the age 86. Go figure... thats what being a CNA did to me.. Jk.

    7. I live in a small town or rather outside the small down on a farm. Yes we have cows, and no we  don't have pigs, we use to have chickens, and we have dogs, cats, and sometimes whatever comes on the land. 

    8. I love to write, as you can see by my Journals on here and or my blog page which is http://dannille33.webs.com. That's where you will find what you don't find on my journals here. One day I I want to write a book, and also a novel. 

    9.My favorite food is chinese, and taco salads. I know so not healthy right.. 

    10... Well let's see I like to read.. I mean it's the end am I suppose to be happy that I can't tell you more? LOL I guess you'll have to ask me if you want to know more about me... 

    I look forward to adding to my list of friends/ mom's ... this is a great site and I have met so many wonderful people since I started on this site 2 yrs ago. 

    God Bless... 

    have a nice day

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