Mother to 2 miracles trying for 3!
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    • Elizabeth Elizabeth 13 years old

      Libby is what we call a...

    • Gabriel Gabriel 18 years old

      Gabriel has been our angel...

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    I have two children. Gabriel grew in my heart as his father and I became best friends and fell in love and Elizabeth grew in my belly, a joy that I did not think was going to be possible! They are both such gift's from God that I ponder daily what makes me worthy of such a blessing. I find it truly overwhelming at times to grasp the awesomeness of such a responsibility, to mold these little lives into whatever they are to become!

    Update: A few people have asked if Gabriel is adopted so I need to clarify.

    No he's not adopted. He came with my husband when we got married, he was the best wedding gift I could ask for. This simply put means he is from my husbands 1st marriage, but we don't use the step word in our family. Not that it is bad, but Gabriel was only one when Mark and I meet. He doesn't remember a time when we were not a family.

    I was also raised by my Mother's second husband, who did adopt me. I think its kind of negative sounding when people say so he's not your REAL dad, he's the only dad I've had, he chose me and that makes him REALLY my Dad! (I love ya Daddy!)

    If I've only learned one thing, it's that families aren't always biological. Family is the people God Blesses you with to share this time and place and man am I blessed!
    (hope that didn't sound like I was on a soap box. I was smiling the whole time I was typing! lol)

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