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"Any advice for this momma?"


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    Baby's Firsts (formerly First Time Moms) is a group here on CafeMom designed to support those who are new to the "parenthood thing". Whether you're pregnant with your first or battling the "terrible twos" you're going to find all the advice and support you'll ever need in one convenient location. Having older children, or more than one child does not disqualify you from the group, in fact, the more experience you have, the more helpful your advice will be! We are drama-free and proud of it. No bashing or judging allowed. Just honesty and lots of fun!

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    Baby's Firsts (formerly First Time Moms)

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    Any advice for this momma?
    Friday at 10:43 AM
    Overthinking... please help! - CafeMom

    So I'm really over thinking this and ended up not sleeping. Jake is going to the pool for the first time today. I'm

    Have you ever thought to do this?
    Thursday at 12:09 PM
    Do you use any...? - CafeMom

    Do you use any of the tools or ideas for reminders not to leave your LO in a hot car?I do NOW!I have always been one of those

    Ugh, we all have those moments we're ashamed of. But no need to regret, share your foibles here and find out you're not alone!
    Wednesday at 3:03 PM
    Mommy Confessions: July - CafeMom

    Alright Mommas!! It's that time again! Give me your worst!1. I'm really struggling with my 3yo's attitude and

    With popularity on the rise, homeschooling is a legitimate decision we all need to make. Have you thought about it?
    Tuesday at 11:52 AM
    Homeschooling - CafeMom

    I know many of us have awhile to think about it, but have any of you decided on homeschooling your children? What are your re

    This day and age, more and more women are standing up for their rights to breastfeed, but do you really know what your legal rights are? Find out here:
    July 19 at 11:39 AM
    Do you know your state laws - CafeMom

    With all the news stories and post I have been seeing on my facebook wall about breastfeeding mothers being bullied by others