Mommy of 2 tough but sweet/sensitive little boys
Location: A small town you've never heard of; Alberta
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    ;) 10 things I'll tell you about me 1. I'm 23 years old but I am not naive or sheltered.... Ive gone through a lot in my life but am still here somehow! And still standing strong! 2. I have two boys. One is three years old and the other is five months old. 3. I am a survivor of severe domestic violence, and after the amazing women I've met and counselling I've received during my 9 months of five day a week counselling, I hope to help women leave abusive relationships one day! Because I get it (unlike most people!). PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO SIT ON THEIR HIGH HORSE AND BASH ABUSED WOMEN ARE MY ULTIMATE PET PEEVE. And I highly doubt any of them would have the balls to stand Infront of me & tell me that to my face that I'm "stupid". 4. I LOVE children and want to become a child therapist one day. I'm very fascinated by play therapy & could research it for hours (if I had the time!) 6. IMO pedophiles, child killers, and child abusers deserves the death penalty. 7. I Am a strong believer in AA! I was in an intensive lockdown treatment centre by age 13 due to a drinking problem which started very early in my life. It was a problem for a long time. But discovering AA changed my life, as did becoming a mommy :). 8. I strongly believe in God 110%. I am not religious, I very much dislike religion. But I will sometimes refer to myself as Christian because it's easier and I go to a Baptist church full of awesome people. There's a book called "The Shack " and if you've read it, it basically sums up what I believe. 9. I've been through some pretty unreal things in my lifetime. I had an extremely dis functional childhood & have have been through a lot of abuse in my lifetime of every kind, as well as witnessing it. I've been in trouble. Been arrested. Been homeless. Been in women's shelters.... I've been a lot of things. So I am not judgmental! However if you are selfish or abusive when it comes to your kids then I'm going to judge you straight up! My sons are my LIFE. They turned me into this woman who gets excited over a new scent of dish soap, and bakes muffins (they turn out about half the time lol), and goes to bed early. I even knit! I was a closet geek when I was younger but now I'm a full fledged geek. I don't even watch TV I prefer my books :) 11. Lol ya I know I was supposed to stop at ten but another thing about me is I'VE NEVER BEEN IN A BAR OR CLUB. I'm 23 & the legal drinking age where I live is 18! Crazy eh? 12. I write poetry, children's books, and songs. 13. Im a proud Canadian woman! 14. I'm not changing the title of this. Too much work.
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