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  • I have been involved in Paganism for almost 40 years. I was between 12 and 14 when Ram Dass entered

    I have been involved in Paganism for almost 40 years.  I was between 12 and 14 when Ram Dass entered my life. I had started to study spirituality from different cultures a year before I met him. I spent many years going to satsang and reading. It was from this beginning, I formed what I called Sherri_izum. Sherri_izum is bits and pieces from religions from around the world which rang as true to me; rang true to my soul. 


      It was a few years later I learned about Witchcraft and a while after; I became involved with my first teacher of metaphysics and many years passed Wicca came into being, as Wicca is a newer word to house many things, and there are times I feel I do not quite fit there. I am a Hedgewitch; I walk between the two worlds with one foot in each, very much as the crone of the Tradition I was initiated into first told me I did. 


     At this point in my life my connection with nature is more important to me than any Pantheon ever could be. I have no name for God or Goddess, but I make no judgment one way or another about anyone else's spiritual beliefs. To me all paths climb the same mountain. I have taught craft for about 20+ years. I am the HPs of Cross Roads Coven and a teaching grove. I have on occasion been asked to speak publicly. I do prefer the behind the scenes rather than being in the public eye.   


     At this time, I teach Wicca for lack of a more precise word, Work from home on the computer, and volunteer in my community weekly. I have more than one job at home but the one most relevant to this site is my shop for Pagans. I am also legal clergy and perform all rites of passage. 

    The shop address is http://www.hedgewitchcrafts.com/

    Another huge interest in my life which takes up a lot of my time is training, showing, and breeding rare breed dogs.


     The kennel address is http://www.maddenshilohs.com/

    Feel free to enjoy them both, blessings, Sherri

    News Flash!  Along with these two things I have a brick and mortar store for pagans; it too is run out of my home. It was opened this year just before Yule.



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