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    I am a wife of 35 years,to my soul mate. I am a Mom,of 2 beautiful Daughters. I am a Nanna, of 3 most beautiful Grandchildren. I am a sister, to my sweetest sister,I could be blessed with. 
      I am a Mom to 3 fur-dogs. Also a Mom to a fur-cat. Our children,spoiled with us now.
        I am disabled. Have been for 11 years. Fibromyalgia,Chronic Renal Kidney Failure,Bleeding Disorder,Ryuma-Osteo. Arthritis. Several other medical issues.
         I an a very Energetic,Friendly,Nature Loving,Animal Crazy,Horse Lover,Dog trainer-obedience & service dog, Also loves Camping,,,Hiking,Flower Gardening,Swimming,Walking w/Moose,Going To Senior Center,helping out and attending the outings, and being with my friends there.
        We lived in Upstate NY, all our lives. (I) After hubby retired, 3 years ago, we kept our secret to each other and moved to warmer climate here in SC. I am in love with the warmth,the wonderful friends and the people here in this wonderful friendly town.It was a blessing to me as far as the weather,as No more -20 to -30 below 0 temps, and mountains of snow to shovel,plow,snow-blow,trudge through, and cause me to be home ridden all winter long.
            Life is Good.
            Only 1, thing saddens me. My family all lives in upstate NY still, but we return at least 1 time a year back to visit, Plus with Computer, i pad, text,cell phones, and  sending photos, we have the best of laughs,sadness,tears, and praying together still.

        In fact I just returned home from there 2 weeks ago after spending a week, over Memorial Weekend.

          I also admit, all these activities, adventures, I do as I am able according to my health at the time.
          I'd also like to mention, I miss my Mom & Dad, who both passed before I left. My true hero's. I miss them both so very much. Mom I know is My Angel That watchers over me.  


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    Rain,Rain,Rain, Humid
    July 5, 2013 at 4:26 PM
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      grandmarosa Evergreen boughs that fill our homes With fragrant Christmas scents, Hearts filled with the loving glow That Christmas represents December 5, 2013 at 8:38 PM
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    mamawmom wrote at 11:46 AM on Sep. 24 , 2013


    Thought I'd check in on you and see if you are doing better.Hope to see you at OBW.

    mamawmom wrote at 8:45 PM on Aug. 26 , 2013


    Love the pictures of you with your horses.I love horses even though I never got to learn to ride.I think they are beautiful animals.Beautiful family also.

    livingmydestiny wrote at 2:01 PM on Aug. 2 , 2013


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      Adan is our boy!! All boy!!...

    • Alicia Marie Alicia... 18 years old

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    • Aubrie Joy Aubrie Joy 23 years old

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    Oldest Daughter,With Wonderful Husband Roger

    Left, Oldest Grand Daughter,Aubrie,Me,2nd Daughter Karen,Front, My Sister Joanne...

    Soul Mate, Husband- Doug

    My Beautiful Grand Children, Who Keeps me Young!!

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