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    Hi there!!! My name is Della and I am a 35 year old mom of 5 wonderful (most of the time lol) kiddos. I am a stay at home mom who would like to get to know other moms and hopefully find some good friends to share the good times and the bad with. Have you ever tried living with 4 teenage girls at one time (OMG)!!! One day the world is wonderful the next everyone hates them. But still I love all my children the same no matter what kind of day they are having. I am a down to earth simple woman who has many different interests including but not limited to: sewing, crocheting, cooking, spending time with my family, camping, fishing, and many other things. My husband (Jamey) and I would love to adopt another child. We are unable to have anymore of our own but would happily give another  baby or babies a loving supportive stable home. We are even open to having the birth mom or parents be a part of the child's life.

     I have recently start up my own work at home business called HotMommasHandmades on to make a little extra cash. At this time I only have a few items available but eventually I will be featuring all kinds of things I have made. I will be adding new items to my shop each week so go back and take a look as often as you would like. I  will mail them anywhere in the United States. Right now I am only set up to accept paypal , credit cards, and money orders; but hope to eventually be able to accept  checks. All items are shipped within 24 hours of payment received. I make quality items at a very low cost and the very best thing is each item is created with tender loving care. If you get the chance stop in from time to time and see what is listed on my site. See something you like but would like it in a different color send me an email with the item number and description and I will be happy to get back with you. I will email you back and let you know how long it would take to get the item finished and ready to mail and how much the item will cost you including shipping.

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    Helpful Hints !!!

    by HotMomma012005 posted at 5:59 PM on Feb. 21 , 2008


    Daughters Last Prom Dress !!!

    by HotMomma012005 posted at 6:31 PM on Feb. 2 , 2008


    Yes Finally Success !!!

    by HotMomma012005 posted at 2:11 PM on Jan. 31 , 2008


    Fun Question and Answers about me !!!

    by HotMomma012005 posted at 11:53 AM on Jan. 27 , 2008

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    saphfirealisa wrote at 6:17 PM on Mar. 24 , 2010


    sorry its been so long since ive been on here i just had another baby finally got my boy lol i would love to do a meet and greet please let me know the details

    ShellyXO1124 wrote at 8:40 PM on Feb. 8 , 2010


    It's a GREAT group 'mommies_R_us'.There is tons to do and awesome moms to meet, use the link to check us out.

    spoilapatient wrote at 11:53 AM on Sep. 17 , 2009


    Here we are moving into another year! Ugh... I am SO sorry for not seeing this. I lost my mother tragically during that time as well as myself. I am GRADUALLY coming back!!!
    So, here is a belated THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH!!!

    sammy39 wrote at 10:16 AM on Mar. 4 , 2009


    Thanks, Even on my birthday, I'm worked to death

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