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    Groupster wrote at 11:39 PM on Feb. 1 , 2009


    Hi there - just wanted to say thanks for your advice on which phone to get. Love my new phone :)

    SelfExpressor wrote at 11:18 PM on Feb. 1 , 2009


    Hey! Can't wait to see you next week!

    abby7606 wrote at 12:15 AM on Jan. 15 , 2009


    Join Living with Family.

    To qualify, you have to be living with your
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    Either part time or full time.

    You have to be living with your husband/so/bf or single. Or you could be living with your sister, brother, niece, nephew, parents, family-in-laws or they could be living with you!

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    MomsTaxiAndATM wrote at 12:27 PM on Jan. 13 , 2009


    Hi I would like to invite you to join us at Real moms of teens & pre-teens! We would love to have you! Just copy the link below to find us or go through my page to the groups section. Have a great day!

    janmommie wrote at 7:51 PM on Jan. 11 , 2009


    Hi there, welcome to CafeMom! I'm Lisa, one of the Hostesses here. This is a great site. You can find any group that you have an interest in. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Welcome!

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