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  • 2 handsome little boys!!
  • Interests: scrapbooking, crafty things, shopping, camping, traveling, hair and makeup, decorating,... more
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    WanziesMommie wrote at 7:20 PM on Jun. 25 , 2010


    Hi!!!!!! Im sending you a little love.....and I hope things are going really great you!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.....with ur handsome boys!!!! (:

    Rebecka83 wrote at 2:21 PM on Nov. 4 , 2009


    Oh and I was reading your about yous down there and your one about people and tv is so true! My husband doesnt work for NEW but he works for DirecTV installing it and seriously he will call people and let them know if he comes he will be there til 1-2am and they say thats fine to come install it..dumb..

    Rebecka83 wrote at 2:19 PM on Nov. 4 , 2009


    Hey hun sorry you can't make it to Alexs party cuz you have to work! Please if you can bring the kids by saturday night or sunday after work to get a pic taken with Elmo and a goody bag! :) If you need to talk my number is 363-2191 text me or call anytime you need to!

    AprilRaine wrote at 4:59 PM on Oct. 19 , 2009


    Yea they are good at that. Ive done the break up thing and when they go to being what you originally wanted back to a backwards enima makes you want to scream. But hey if your lonley and want someone to hang out with Im your Gal, its easier to cope when you are around people!

    AprilRaine wrote at 7:14 PM on Oct. 18 , 2009


    209-613-4477 This is my landlord number he always has a lot of houses for rent and he is great about working with people. His rents are pretty cheap to. his name is Jeff Sargo. And you will miss him for awhile just remember to be strong!

  • Personal Statement

    1. I have 2 boys. They are the greatest little guys ever. They are 19 months apart but the same size! Crazy!

    2. I love scrapbooking! Even though I am a little behind I can get wrapped up in it and just lose myself in the creativity of my work.

    3. I hate foam. Not foam from soap but the foam that egg crates, couch cushions, memory foam is made of. It gives me the chills and hurts my teeth...I just don't know! Don't ask!

    4. I am a Avon Representative. I love doing it. I will be honest I don't profit from it but in general I love doing it and I love Avon products!!

    5. I work for DirecTV. I am in the technical support. I have worked in the call center for 4 years. With this job, I wonder how the world really functioned without TV - for some their life is over when its not working.

    6. I am very self concience about myself. I am at the biggest I have ever been - people say I don't look bad for having 2 kids - but I am very uncomfortable with body. My children tore me up!

    7. I love the The Girls Next Door. I am sad the show no longer is on with Holly, Bridgette and Kendra and I will not watch any others that are to come but I can't wait until Kendra's show starting is June. Bridgette's is rather boring.

    8. I am engaged. This is the first time I ever have been down this road - its different and seems a little stressful but I want the best wedding ever and know I did most of it so I am doing all the planning with very little help on the side, if I choose to have any.

    9. I have lived in the same city my whole life. I never have lived anywhere else - I have decided San Francisco near the ocean is where I want to live some point in my life. I love it down there!

    10. I REALLY want a baby girl! I wanted to stop at 2 kids but I have 2 boys as much as I love them and don't want to change them for the world I really want a girl. I am out numbered around here!

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