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""People take different roads seeking fulfillmen..."


  • Location: Ft. Sill,Ok (hometown: Chester,Va)
  • girls rock. so I decided to have my 2 back to back ;o)
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  • Daelyn Skyy
    Daelyn Skyy 10 years old
  • Adiana Mae
    Adiana Mae 11 years old

    ღmy name was ₩h¡tnওÿ Hazelton, but now its ₩h¡tnওÿ Enz ღI made my way into this crazy mixed up world on Jan. 31,1986ღi am a soldier in the armyღ i have two beautiful daughters, Adiana mae (addy-ahna) and Daelyn Skyy. I was pregnant after only 3 months of adiana's birth. so they are only 11 1.2 months apart(also kown as the term "irish twins" ) ღ i do not cap my I's because i don't want to:) ღ i am very sarcastic and cuss way to much. sorry!ღ Once u meet me you'll realize im one of a kind. im very mature but one of the biggest kids at heart.. ive been through so much im one of the strongest women youll probably meet. [You can love me or hate me,but I promise you won't break me!] ღim a christian and yes i have seen and experienced more then you can imagine. i hit rock bottem and thought i ruined any hope of life, but i handed my heart to God and then came up pregnant at 19 and that was my turning point. my life has so many tests and not ur average ones for anyone reading and thinking blah blah its not that bad my life is just as hard. honestly i would never say id like or i want anyone to have to walk a mile in my shoes because i dont. but i dont regret my life, God has really shown me life, the ups and downs and i pray one day the downs become a distant memory. i dont ever want sympathy so dont give me it, instead, learn something! which are you.. a smart man,wise man,or just a fool? think about that! ღ


    ღLive to the fullest every moment of your life,Laugh through the good and bad,ups and downs, and Love every minute of itღ