The most amazing baby
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  • Kids

    • Aiden Aiden 9 years old

      Well he's now 3 months old...

  • My Pets

    • Tara Tara

      Italian Greyhound

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  • The Blackburn's


  • Virtual Mama

  • Cupid of Nightmares, Happy Valentine's day

  • Angel of nightmares

  • 3D Character (Meez)

  • Baltimore Orioles

  • I wish I was midevel

  • Pretty as a pin-up

  • If I had rich family

  • If I was a model

  • marriage is for everyone

    Why I Support This Cause
    I don't know what I would do if I was unable to marry my husband. How can others stand in the way of allowing people to marry the one they love
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  • take me to the monster dance

  • My husband needs to teach me

  • Born in the 80's baby!

  • I want to be in movies

  • Rocking it out

  • The 50's is where people started to stray from mainstream

  • I crave the chesapeak

  • The things I do with my husband

  • I was never allowed to have a skateboard I wish I did growing p

  • Crazy inventor me


  • Proud to be celtic

  • What I supported growing up

  • Comics I love

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  • Yep, I love cafemom

  • Bollywood here I come

  • The only store brand makeup I wear

  • I'm a fairy

  • My faith which I hold dearly

  • Narnia style hero

  • Love mother earth, you never know what kind of creatures she is hiding

  • marriage is for everyone

  • My major in highscool

  • I want to make movies too

  • Off my planet

  • New Year's Resolution

    This Year ItalianJubilee Resolves to:

    Get out of Kentucky before my child becomes trash

    How will this resolution have an effect on ItalianJubilee?

    I will be in better sound mind and body to be around a social enviroment. I will be more confiedent in a place where most people are in tune with reality and working rather then sitting around and living off the state.

    How will this resolution have an effect on ItalianJubilee's family?

    It will take my husband a bit of time to realize that we are no longer white trash again. It will also bring better people around Aiden which should encourage better friendships with older peers and family

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    Calm & Relaxed

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  • Meditation is the best way to clear the mind

  • Hey I'm a bond girl now

  • After Twilight I am getting back to Harry Potter

  • I love ice I need a new pair

  • Jetson's style baby

  • I went to four proms growing up

  • My shotgun wedding that I wore black to