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  • Location: Washington State
  • Mom of: 3 kid(s)
  • Interests: pta, momsclub, co-op preschool, yoga, cooking, healthy eating, reading, staying home,... more
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    I am a sahm, with three little ones that run my house :) I am 24, but feel like I am much older. I stress about being too busy, but secretly love every minute of it and hate boredom. I have finally overcome my fears and gotten involved in all sorts of things... from board positions with MOMS Club and Co-op preschool, to PTA and working very very very part time at the YMCA teaching preschool gymnastics. I am more happily married than I thought was possible - especially for high school sweethearts who became teen parents - but even though my husband drives me absolutely crazy, he's still my very best friend, and I couldn't imagine life without him. I worry about being a good mom, but I know deep down I had the best role model for mothering in the world, and I love my kids with everything I am, and I believe in the end, thats all you can do. I love the snow, but hate snow days (they throw off my schedule). I am often right, and have no problem letting people know it, even when I am wrong. I love to have a clean house, but hate to clean it unless I am on the phone and distracted. I never finished culinary school, but I would like to even though I don't want to be a chef anymore. I secretly hope to go back to school and become a teacher when my kids are all in school. I consider myself very open minded, but that's not really true, I have no patience for people whose beliefs contradict what I believe is right. I want to lose weight, it's a constant struggle, but I don't do much about it, so I guess it doesnt bother me as much as I want it to. I hate suprises. I love gossip - personal, celebrity, people I dont know - doesn't matter, I wanna hear it. I LOVE to read, and love to write, but never show it to anyone, it's too personal. I am very very competitive, but try to hide it. I hate feeling like I am being one-upped with anything that I feel is "my domain", but try to be gracious. I am stingy and uptight with money, because we rarely have enough, but I like to window shop. I have a lot of intrests, but I am never "that" girl.... I love to write, but am not a writer, love to cook, but am not a chef, love music, but am not a buff.... I sometimes wish I could pick one intrest and really learn to embace it, but I love too many things. Chocolate, cheese, good wine or drinks, and fun conversation are my biggest weaknesses. I have Fabulous friends... people from my past, people I see almost every day, friends that I can count on... I am really lucky. My family is crazy, but they are funny, and they are mine. I get antsy, and worried, and sometimes sad - but mostly, I am happy, and content, and confident that my life is what it should be!
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