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  • Location: finger lakes region of NY
  • Mom of two evil masterminds
  • Interests: walking, cooking, recipes, home improvement, pets
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  • Ashton
  • Sydnee
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    I am Jo.  I am 34.  I have a twisted sense of humor and a very unique way of seeing the world around me.

    I have been married for 13 years.  Some how he has managed to survive it, but it has not discouraged my attempts to kill him.

    I have two active, ambitious children.  Sydnee is 12 and Ashton is 11.  I homeschool them until this year so I could raise them to be evil.  We are due to have another evil mastermind hold the world hostage.

    I also am a foster parent. The kids need minions.

    I live in a tiny town in upstate NY.  Easier to keep under the radar here and train the kids in evil.

    My kids play piano and practice taekwondo.  Piano is one of those things to charm people and get them off guard.  The taekwondo will be needed when they are holding the world hostage. 

    We also help me foster animals for a local rescue. Its a front so we look "nice".

    We have a very large dog, more horse than dog (200 lb St Bernard).  Three cats of our own.  A snake to throw at my mother in law.  Lots of fish to threaten to feed our enemies to.  Two rats, because they will eat anything. And we just lost our taranchula to old age, she was 20.

    I am currently working on a masters in finance.  Someone has to take care of the economy.

    Good luck when we take over the world, the kids have tempers.

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    ScrChk23 wrote at 9:47 AM on Mar. 25 , 2013


    I love your bio!!!

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    loreleismama wrote at 11:03 AM on Jun. 5 , 2012


    I was just commenting on one of your posts so I came to check out your page. Awesome page! You rock! I didn't know you could personalize a page, I have to get on mine. Oh I spent a lot of time in upstate NY growing up. Oneida area. I have a big dog, we used to foster too. The only part that freaked me out it the taranchula, confirmed arachnophobe here.

  • Seneca Castle, NY