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    I'm kristen, I'm a 23 year old SAHM to my daughter. me and my husband are both very very AP... we wear our baby everywhere, we don't let her CIO, we co-sleep, we don't vaccinate, I breastfeed and do baby-led weaning. I do both EC'ing and soon cloth diapering.

    I believe in my child's right to make her own decisions regarding her body, so we only feed her a vegetarian diet (if she wants meat later it will be her choice, and we will make sure she knows how and where it comes from), we won't get her ears pierced until she asks for them (though me and my husband both have many body piercings/tattoos), and if we ever have a son we won't circumsize him (my husband was and still has issues with it, he regrets that it was ever done to him when he was too young to object.)

    I'm hoping to not have another baby until my daughter is old enough to both understand (she is a part of the family as much as me and my husband, so she should have a say in whether we bring in a new member) and so that i can dedicate more time to her until she is more independent and can share my time with others. when I do have another child, it will be an all-natural home birth.I am getting more into the natural, "green" lifestyle, I am transitioning my entire family off of fast food and prepackaged foods, and getting more into natural healthcare.

    I will homeschool (or rather, unschool!) my daughter unless she decides she really really wants to go to a regular school, and I'll make sure she is exposed to as much of the world and as many ideas, subjects, and viewpoints as possible, with me there to explain and encourage her questions and learning.

    personally, I am not a typical mom... I've got tons of piercings and tattoos, dye my hair weird colors, and consider myself goth. I love industrial, darkwave, ebm, and metal music. I am bisexual, have been in polyamourous and open relationships, and believe that true love exists in many shapes and forms. my husband is M2F transsexual, one day he will be a woman but he has held off on his transition until after we are done having children. my husband is a musician and I help him to promote his work and with his career (since I have experience working as a musician before.) I also used to be a daycare teacher and one day want to go to school to be an occupational therapist for very young children, however we feel it is better for my daughter to be cared for by her parents as much as possible, so we do what we can to make sure we're at home with her as much as we can. religiously I joke that I am kemetic/hellenic in theory and discordian in practice, my husband is a follower of a faith based on natural and nature-mimicking entheogens, and my daughter will be introduced to a variety of religions and ideas and allowed to choose her own path or no path.

    I am a very open and honest person, though I am extremely shy. I love to meet and talk to new people.

    Myspace:  www.myspace.com/nocturnal_transmissions

    AIM: GazGirl321

    come find me :) 


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