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  • Blessings from our home to yours!

  • I am one of God's treasured possessions. He handpicked me to be His own.

  • "A Mother's Journey: Through Laughter and Tears"~My book~ A must read for every Mommy!:)

    Have you ever hidden from your children to sneak a bite of chocolate? Is your true calling "MOMMMMMMMMM!"? Do you need a gentle reminder of the important job you have of raising the wonderful children that God has blessed you with? This delightfully humorous book exposes the joys and heartaches of having babies and raising children, in a way that EVERY mother can relate to personally! The true-life stories, poems and "motherisms" will have you wiping away tears of laughter and pure motherly emotion, as you nod in sweet remembrance of your own journey through motherhood. When you read the captivating stories in this book, you will feel the comradery that is motherhood, and you'll rejoice in it!

    What a wonderful gift for yourself or to give to that special Mother or Mommy-to-be in your life! :)

    book.jpg My book picture by kajenloca


    "If you are an exhausted Mother with no time to read, grab this book! Its humor, poetry, and short sections will make this your daily "Mommy Vitamin."

    Susan Alexander Yates, Best selling author of several books including, "And Then I Had Kids, Encouragement For Mothers Of Young Children"

    Kimberly Garrow's writing will tickle the funny bones and touch the hearts of parents around the country. A must read for anyone who is a mother or has a mother.

    Debbie Farmer, syndicated columnist and author of "Don't Put Lipstick on the Cat!"

    "In A Mother's Journey: Through Laughter and Tears, Kimberly J. Garrow shares whimsical heart-warming stories and poems that personify the blessings of motherhood."

    LeAnn Thieman, co-author Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman's Soul

    Interested? Contact me for a personalized, signed copy...Wow! You would be the envy of those all around you!big smile miniOr click on one of the books below to order:


                                  VB Publishing                                              







    you rock



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  • My latest book release

    101 Stories about Life, Love, and Lessons

    Cats have always been wonderful companions and playmates that brighten and enrich our lives but they are also amazing teachers.  In this book, cat lovers, both lifelong and reluctant, share what they have learned from their furry companions.  Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Cat will delight readers with humorous, heartwarming, and inspiring stories about lessons our feline friends and family members have taught us. 



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    I love God with all my heart, soul and mind. I am a work in progress, a woman of good intentions, but I fall almost as much as I walk on my journey...He loves me anyway! I am so thankful to have Him in my life.

    I have been married since July 10, 1993-some days it seems like yesterday-some days like forever... 

    We have been blessed with six beautiful children (what can I say, Wal-Mart was having a buy one get one free deal and I couldn't stop myself...), a cat, a puppy and other living "things" on occasion.

    If my body and sanity were guaranteed to hold up I would keep having babies forever...or at least until we got an ugly one.

    I am an inspirational, humorist writer. I write for magazines and I am the author of "A Mother's Journey: Through Laughter and Tears".

    I was an elementary school teacher in my previous life before children.

     "Moms" are one of my ministries in life, both with my writing and speaking. Motherhood is such a blessed calling and I applaud all of us that are taking this challenge!  

    I am a transplanted "Buckeye"...originally I am from Indiana. I still hold a special place in my heart for Notre Dame Football, but have grown to love OSU and the Cleveland Browns as well.

    I am Catholic-thankfully we live right across the street from our parish or we would never be to church on time. Hey, you try to get six kids and yourself ready on time...

    Two vices...well, two that immediately come to mind, chocolate and cappuccino, not the "real" cappuccino, but the gas station/store bought glorified hot chocolate kind. I hope that doesn't make me less of a "real" woman.  

    I am an avid reader. I can devour a book and you can often find me curled up late at night (or early morning-who needs sleep anyway!) with a flashlight in bed.  

    I admit, sometimes I would rather talk to the voices in my head than the person next to me... If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad. ~George Gordon, Lord Byron

    I am faithful, a good listener (and talker), funny, laid back, and take to heart others' emotions. I go above and beyond for anyone that I consider a friend. I believe in "kindred spirits"...

    I could go on and on (obviously), but this is a little taste of me.  



  • Yes, my hands are full but you should see my heart!

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    SassyK wrote at 3:28 PM on Nov. 17 , 2011


    Hey! Long time no talk! Just got back on cafe mom after a super long time away and trying to see if any of my old friends are still here!

    CraftyMom80 wrote at 7:51 PM on Sep. 3 , 2011


    Have a great holiday weekend!

    Lb128f wrote at 11:08 PM on Jul. 18 , 2011


    Hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow! ;-)

    ConnersMom03 wrote at 3:50 PM on May. 12 , 2011


    If you're a mom that likes to write or blog, check out my new group! Come share your writing, find new writing opportunities and support other WAH moms!

    qwietpleez wrote at 6:46 PM on Mar. 15 , 2011


    Just wanted to stop in and say hi . . . Been away from Cafemom for too long! I've been writing for an online health and beauty mag . . . not really my cup of tea but they pay :o) I'm loving you're playlist right now, Word of God Speak is such a beautiful song. {{hugs my friend}} Crystal

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