Loving being Mommy 2 Ethan
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    chubbycheeks687 wrote at 8:37 PM on Jan. 3 , 2008


    Happy New Year to you too!!!
    Whew only like 3 weeks left I am getting restless.. I just want her to get here!!!
    Hows everything going with Mister Ethan? Bet he is getting big!!

    chubbycheeks687 wrote at 8:30 PM on Dec. 27 , 2007


    Merry Late Christmas!!
    How was Ethan's first Christmas? Bet he got spoiled!!!
    can you believe only 4 in a half weeks left!!! AH!!

    chubbycheeks687 wrote at 8:54 PM on Dec. 13 , 2007


    yeah it was pretty scary.. it had started like only in my side then it got all crampy all over thats when I started freaking and was all worried..
    Wow.. He is already a month!! That went by quick huh?!? Dang he is getting big! Thats okay he is a boy they are suppose to be big and strong! Lol
    Good luck with the shots on Monday!! Hope it doenst upset him to much..

    chubbycheeks687 wrote at 8:27 PM on Dec. 11 , 2007


    okay so last Thursday the most SCARIEST thing ever happened!! I thought I was going into labor!!! Turns out nope.. just having contractions.. I was at the birthing center all hooked up to that machine.. I was freaked thinking I was going to have my baby and I am not even signed up for the epidural.. But I am not even dialated so they just held me there for like three hours.. Turns out I have a UTI which is what caused all the contractions..

    How are you and little Ethan doing??

    chubbycheeks687 wrote at 8:18 PM on Nov. 29 , 2007


    Everything is going good. I can barely bend over anymore though! Not that my belly is so big it's just when I do Serenity gets all up in my ribs and I can not breathe!!
    How are you doing Momma?!? Hope all is well!! When Serenity gets here we will need to make a playdate!!