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  • Our Freedom at Home Team Commercial - As seen on Lifetime, Oxygen & HGTV

    The Freedom at Home Team (FAHT) is a group of inspired moms making real income from home!!!  But our mission is so MUCH more than just an income!  It is OUR mission to bring other moms home as well.  We LOVE helping other moms reach the same success we have and beyond.  It is what we do and what we love!!!!

    In February 2009, I was asked me to be a part of a HUGE project for the FAHT.....our VERY first commercial to air on TV!!  What better way to get the word out about our team of motivated moms GETTING IT DONE!!!!  I was sooo incredibly honored to of been asked and of course I accepted.  So in March, we flew to Tulsa to for the commercial shoot! 

    We are helping thousands of moms work from home everyday!!  I would love to help you as well.  Go to TODAY to request your interview!!

    You may have already seen our commercial on TV but if you haven't, please visit  I am the "single mom" at the end of the commercial:)  Enjoy!!! 

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    Come join us at Days of our Lives Junkies

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    ╰☆╮¤°.¸¸.·´¯`»Lost Paradise«´¯`·.¸¸.°¤╰☆╮

    If you are looking for a fun loving and supportive group

    We are just the group for you

    We have a little bit of this and a little bit of that

    No Drama or Bashing Allowed

    Come check us out and once you're hooked

    You will never want to leave

    Also be sure to introduce yourself so we can give you a warm welcome

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    Hard Candy @ CafeMom

    you're invited so come join

    post what you want to see in a group

    anything from humor,sex,debates,gossip

    and so much more !

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    Hi! My name is Yolanda Crisostomo. I'd like to invite you to join Business At Home Directory group. If you have a home based business you can share or if looking for one we might have one listed that's of interest to you. Come on over and check us out! This group is also for Etsy and Storenvy owners and moms with online stores, bloggers etc.

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    ~ ~ Ever feel like someone is judging you on cafemom??
    Look no further because DearMom is a no judgment, no bashing, no drama and friendly group :)
    We have cleaning tips, parties, advice column and more
    Come check us out at
    See ya around~~
    Please be patient this is a brand new group, so come help make it awesome!!!!

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    Hello and Welcome!!!  My name is Kristie DeGraw. I am a mom of two beautiful children.  Brittani is thirteen and Landon is ten.  They are my life and my everything:)  I have been blessed with the opportunity to be able earn a full time income working from home with AmeriPlan.  I've been with AmeriPlan since 2006 and I'm a Senior Regional Vice President.  I've worked very hard to DESIGN this beautiful life for my kids and I.  And it has been so incredibly worth it!

    My life is very relaxing and easy going now but it hasn't always been like that.  When I first started AmeriPlan in May 2006, my life was very different.  I was going through a divorce and my whole life turned upside down, we had to move out of our beautiful home, the kids switched schools and I had to get a full time job outside of the house and spend about three hours a day sitting in traffic.  I had become a part of the stressed out rat race and I couldn't stand it.  And while that was a very hard transition for us, I never let it get me down because I KNEW that it was only temporary because I was a part of a company that was going to change our lives.  I knew that I had my hands on something great and I never doubted it for a second.  I worked my business hard and consistently like I was trained to do and I ended up firing my boss and coming home to my kids.  It was my goal to only be at my job for 12 months.....I missed that goal, but I ended up firing my boss at 14 months and my last day in that cell block, also known as a cubicle was on good Friday last year.  And it was a GREAT friday!!!  So, I've been home just working AmeriPlan since 2008 and it's been incredible.  My ex-stressful life seems like a lifetime ago.  But I still have a lot of work to do.  I'm on a mission to help many others reach this same success and beyond.  And I'm really looking forward to sharing how I've reached this success with MANY others!!

    For anyone out there working toward a similar goal, you can totally do this!!!! Believe in yourself and work your butt off!!  Fight to get your life back!  Fight for the life that you and your family deserve!!!  The end result is soooo worth it!!!!  AmeriPlan absolutely Delivers on its Promise!  I am living proof. How many moms do you know that can be home full time with their kids AND make a full time income?? This is a dream come true!!!! Thank you AmeriPlan!!!!

  • Want to learn about this amazing company and how it can help you?

    As you read above, this company has changed my life and I feel so passionate about sharing this opportunity with other moms and helping them improve the quality of their family's lives!!!

    I would be happy to talk to you and give you information about how YOU can work from home and earn an amazing income with AmeriPlan.  I welcome any questions you have!!!

    Request an interview at and receive full details via email at

    I look forward to talking to you and seeing if this company is a good match for you and if you're a good match for our team!!

    Changing Lives one at a time,


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    My sister was diagnosed with Melanoma & given a terminal diagnosis of only 7-10 mos to live. We always hear about Breast Cancer but do you ever hear about Melanoma? It's my goal to raise Melanoma awareness so that my sister will save lives!
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